“Good, Better, Best.”

By: Aaliyah Herrera & Libby Sanchez

Seniors Joel Arevalo (left) and Peyton Eichman (right) holding Dr. Mann’s honorable jersey before round three of playoffs.

The Pleasanton Eagle Football team traveled to Kerrville on Friday, November 12, to play Lampasas in the first round of play-offs. Both teams fought hard and were tied 7-7 at the end of the first quarter. Wanting to drag on the question of who would win, they proceeded to go into halftime tied 14-14. In the third quarter, Pleasanton decided it was time to kick it up a notch and upped the score 21-14, ensuring their lead in the fourth and final quarter. Lampasas, determined to get their comeback, scored a touchdown with the extra point with 10 minutes left of the fourth quarter, making it tied once again 21-21. With their comeback came a new rush of adrenaline, causing them to score a final touchdown with 3 minutes left in the game. The excitement was too much for their kicker, who missed their extra point but kept them in the lead 27-21. All for dramatics, Pleasanton waited till the final minute of the game to do something spectacular. A pass was completed for a touchdown, along with the extra point with only seconds left to spare. Making it impossible for Lampasas to make a final comeback. The game was close throughout all four quarters, and ended with a final score of 28-27, sending Pleasanton to round two of the playoffs. Setting Lampasas seasonal record to 5 wins and 6 losses, and making ours 8 wins and 3 losses.

On November 18, the Eagles faced off against the Trojans in the second round of playoffs here on our home turf. Pleasanton packed the stands in green and white to show their support for the team. The Eagles ended the first quarter with a lead of 7-0, setting their spirits high for another great game. With 7 minutes left in the second quarter, Jones scored their first touchdown to tie the game with the eagles. Pleasanton, wanting to keep their lead, scored another touchdown. Taking us into halftime with a positive score of 14-7. Ensuring Jones couldn’t make anylast-minute points to come back and beat them, Pleasanton ended the third quarter with another touchdown and extra point, making it 21-7. Taking advantage of Pleasanton’s focus to keep distance between the score, Jones attempted to make a comeback with some final touchdowns but still fell short in the fourth quarter. Once again, the Eagles kept their fans on their toes throughout the game and brought home another win by one point. They beat the Trojans with a final score of 21-20, now upgrading their seasonal record 9-3 for the year, and sending themselves well on their way to round 3.

The eagles, determined to stay ahead of their game, were up bright and early every day during the break practicing for their next game. Game 3 was set to be played on November 26, the day after Thanksgiving against Fredericksburg. Aiming for round four of playoffs, the Eagles ended the first quarter with a lead 6-0. Both teams fought hard during the second quarter and made it entertaining, bringing us into halftime with a score of 14-13 in Fredericksburg’s favor. Third-quarter only continued to benefit Fredericksburg, ending with a score of 18-13. Much like the previous games, Pleasanton attempted a last-minute comeback to win the game and scored a final touchdown. Unfortunately, after a well-fought game, the Eagles fell short 28-20, ending their 2021 season. 

This season held great teamwork, sportsmanship, and great positive choices that contributed to the team. We are happy to say our eagle football team had yet another great season this year, and can’t wait to see what next year has in store!


By: Shyanne Sexton

We have reached the end of the Lady Eagles volleyball season. November was a tough month for our Lady Eagles as they fought two tough battles: one against Boerne and the other against Needville.

On November 2nd, Boerne lost 3-1 in four sets due to a very tough game played by the Eagles.

In Needville’s victory over the Lady Eagles on the third of November, the season came to an end. The Lady Eagles fought hard, but Needville came out on top with a 3-1 victory. 

In the opinion of head volleyball coach, Gabrile Agurrie, the girls had a great year. This year’s Lady Eagles made it all the way to the second round of the playoffs. Receiving two honorable mentions, two first teamers, and a district MVP award (Sadie McAda).

The Eagles are now working on improving their speed in off-season classes so that they can compete at a higher level with our district’s top two teams next year. When asked how he sees the future seasons unfolding, head coach Agurrie replied “It is very bright. I’m only losing three seniors this year, so we will have a lot of experience coming back next year.” .

The Lady Eagles prove to be better and better each year, improving and accomplishing more and all of us at PHS wish them the best with future seasons.

Boys Basketball November-December

By: Brian Avery

The month of November marked the start of the Boy’s Basketball season! To start off the season, we got to get commentary from Coach Mills! He has high hopes for the season, predicting that the Eagles will go undefeated in district, while watching out for Juan Lopez, Jace McCauley, and J.D. “Dawg” Marquez! He did mention that the team needs to work on rebounds, but he is confident that they can overcome this small bump! 

Moving on to scores, on the 9th of November, The JV and the Varsity teams had a few scrimmages, with the Varsity winning the first 60-6 and the second 45-25, while JV finished the first 30-26 and the second 48-10! On the 13th, the Eagles traveled to compete against Jones, with a 83-48 win for the Varsity. On the 18th, the Eagles faced off against the Wildcats, and Varsity unfortunately lost 55-64, and the following day, the Eagles played Edison, and the Varsity won 61-45. The 20th pitted the Eagles against the Southwest Dragons, and Varsity won with 79-59. The 23rd pitted the Eagles against Young Men’s Leadership Academy, Varsity won a close game of 66-61. To finish off their starting month, The Eagles played Carrizo Springs, blowing them away with 78-48. The Eagles played two teams on the 2nd of December, Varsity beating Martin 63-43 but barely losing to Cedar Park 42-43. The next day, they played Clemens, losing 46-68 and they also lost to Somerset, 51-54 in Overtime. To end their three day spree, they played Harlington South, and unfortunately lost 60-50. They played South San Antonio West on the 6th, which resulted in a Varsity destroying San Antonio 88-26. Their current record stands at 9-5, and they play Northern Oak on the 10th. Unfortunately, I failed to obtain a majority of the JV scores, and I deeply apologize for the failure. Nevertheless, Good Luck Eagles!

Taking the Turf

By: River Reyes

PHS Eagles vs. Kingsville

The Pleasanton Eagle football teams during the month of October blazed through the month with a great number of victories to hold to their name.

On the week of the September 17th, the Eagles played against the Devine teams with the Varsity team winning 32 to 12, JV winning 36 to 0, and the freshman lost with a score of 0 to 32.

The following week of September 24th, the Eagles played against the Pearsall teams with Varsity winning 52 to 0 and JV winning 35 to 0

For our Homecoming week, the Varsity team played and won an exciting game against Kingsville, with a final score 49 to 16. The game was very exciting, with our students showing great support for the team, inspiring great school pride on one of the most memorable games of the year. The JV team played Pearsall as well, winning 35 to 0, and the freshman played Hondo winning 27 to 0.

Following the heavy homecoming week came the games against seat grabbing games against Boerne. The Varsity team had an extremely close game, losing 39 to 31, having to go into overtime. The team played a strong initial game, only being tied until the very final seconds of the fourth quarter, leading into overtime where Boerne successfully scored, and the Eagles barely falling short. The Boerne game had the best student section the school has seen all year, with everyone being very high spirited and enthusiastic towards such an intense game. Earlier that week the JV played against Beorne as well, winning 18 to 14, and the freshman winning 48 to 20.

With this most recent week, the Eagles played against Uvalde on their homecoming, showing no mercy and beating them across all three teams. The Varsity won by a landslide 58 to 8, the JV 18 to 14, and the freshman 28 to 16.

The month of October was very high spirited and filled with great victories, and our Uvalde score qualified the Varsity team for the playoffs beginning after the game against La Vernia. We wish the Eagle Football team luck in their future games and the playoffs.


By: Kristina Mertz

The Women’s Volleyball team.

The Pleasanton Girls Volleyball team has been on a roll this year, with many wins and few losses, they are sure to be quick to rise to the top. Starting this month the lady eagles had a district game against Navarro where Pleasanton won 3-0. A few days later on October 8 an away game against Gonzales showed true eagle pride, when the girls won 3-0. The Eagles then won another game 3-0 which was their first district game to be exact, on October 12 against Cuero, which was the start of the 2nd round of District. Unfortunately, on October 15, the Eagles faced their first loss against Lavernia, the ending score was 3-0. Then on October 19 the Lady Eagles travelled to Navaro for a district match where the game was head to head, but they unfortunately lost with a score of 5-2. October 22, however proved to be increasingly successful as the Eagles won with a score of 3-0 against Peiper.

Varsity Volleyball player, Anai Gonzales, a junior states, “I’m really proud of all of our accomplishments so far, and even though District hasn’t gone exactly the way we wanted it to, we’ve still had a good season and I hope to go far in the Playoffs.” She then proceeded to add, “At the beginning, we didn’t exactly have the best connection with each other, but now that we’ve had team bondings… spent time together and have worked together throughout the season, our communication and connection as a team has gotten stronger, and I think that that’s what has taken us so far.” 

The Women’s Volleyball team has done wonderful, and they will continue into the future with District and the Playoffs. Pride! Pride!

Cross Country

By: Kendall Zuniga and Allison Collins

Recently, PHS’s very own girls Varsity Cross Country team finished in 1st place at the district 27 meet on October 16 with a score of 33 points. Coach Gallegos and Coach Wood had some personal and not so personal things to say about the recent meet.

We asked “What is the hardest part about being a cross country coach?” Coach Gallegos says “I can’t say one thing about how hard it is really. I think it’s a great job to have because of the athletes that you get, cross country runners probably gotta be the most dedicated out of all athletes that I’ve ever coached personally.” Coach Wood also had this to say “For me it has to be practice, we have no time to break & trying to find stuff that’s fun for the kids.”

“ What is the best part about being a cross country coach? “ Coach Gallegos stated ” The best part is seeing the competitiveness of the runners, and seeing where we compare. I like seeing that cause most cross country runners don’t have the typical “ Athletic Body” but they have the heart to fight and that’s what I like about it.” Coach wood also Implied his input “seeing the success of the runners”

“How does the upcoming cross country season look?” Gallegos says “So we’re at the end almost, we have two more: the regional cross country meet on October 25 in Corpus. We look pretty good going into it. I think we have a great chance to be the first team in Pleasanton girls athletics as a team to go to state. We’ve gone as individuals but never as a team,and so I think this is the year to mark down in history so I think we have a great chance, we have a great group of girls too.”  All staff members of the quill would like to wish good luck to all the runners and coaches at their upcoming meet in Corpus Christi on October 25th. Pride Pride!

Tennis With PHS

By: Alexandra Garcia and Aaliyah Herrera

We interviewed Iliana Solrazano, a player on the PHS Tennis team and she had great answers to the questions asked, when asked “What gets the team motivated for practice?” she answered back with “When coach Everett gives them competitive games to practice with or when they play fun rounds of plays for tennis.” Iliana says her favorite part of tennis is being able to play with friends and getting to see them plus them spending time together. She  decided to play tennis this year (2021) because she feels it has come natural to her. Solrazano has  a natural passion and talent for tennis. Iliana says the tennis team tends to get  irritated by the line judge calling an out or having to call someone to check in or out for the play. An improvement Solorzano the tennis player believes could help would be the support, and to be more professional and skilled. The team is already working tirelessly with a little more motivation to achieve those improvements. 

Head Tennis Coach Everett stated, “So we ended the season.. In third place and we had a really good first season for my first year coaching.” He says that a typical day of tennis practice starts at about 4:15.. The tennis players start warming up and then they will do some games and drills and then we end with a team meeting every practice. When asked what he thinks could improve for the team he replied with “Introducing new drills and different types of games would help kind of give us more team building stuff.” Another question for Everett was “What do you expect out of your players ?” He said, “While we’re at practice I want everyone to be 100% and honestly follow what I try to lead as.” We asked the coach about the type of coaching style he uses. He replied “My coaching style is kinda pretty laid back and I like to have opinions when I’m doing stuff so I’m not authoritative. I ask for stuff in return and I expect it back.” The final question we asked was “How do you motivate your players?” He states that it again involves the way he coaches and he motivates them “by being chill and giving feedback and also asking for opinions on drills and stuff they do.”As from what we can see the tennis team is a very pulled together and motivated team of players. They have the skills and practice that HS needs.

The Game Plan

By: Jaelyn Morales

The Varsity Eagles huddle together before their game.

On August 27th, the Pleasanton Varsity Eagles played their first game of the season against Edison at home. The Eagles won with a score of 42-13 with 6 different players scoring a touchdown. Pleasanton scored 21 points in the first quarter with the help of Juan Lopez, Joel Arevalo, and Michael Castillo who all scored a touchdown. Edison scored their first touchdown in the second quarter and gained 6 points leaving the score at 21-6. In the third quarter the Edison Bears scored on another touchdown putting the score at 21-13, but Pleasanton scored right after with a touchdown by Jayden Palacios ending the quarter with a score of 28-13. In the final quarter, Jayce Krauskopf scored a touchdown and Seth Harrison followed with a touchdown as well to end the game. “I feel good and proud of everyone in the football program for the improvement/jump we made compared to last year, “quarterback Sean Ramos said. “Last year wasn’t our best year, so to see us grow as a program and team is something to be excited about.” 

On September 3rd, the Eagles played Antonian College Preparatory away from home. The Eagles lost 19-17, trying their best to make a comeback in the end with little time left, but fell short. They started off the game strong and scored 10 points in the first half with a touchdown by Diego Lopez and a 35-yard field goal by Jose Angel-Perez. In the second half, Antonian scored two touchdowns in the 3rd quarter to put them in the lead 13-10 and the Eagles responded with a touchdown from JJ Morales putting the score at 17-13. With only six seconds left in the third quarter, Antonian scored the game winning touchdown. Nobody scored in the 4th quarter. “We need to work on little mistakes such as penalties and turnovers before district,” said Ramos. “We are trying to play as clean and crisp as possible and that means not letting the other team capitalize on mistakes on our end.” 

On September 10th, the Eagles played in a Highway 97 rivalry game against Jourdanton. The stands were packed and the pressure was on for both teams. In the first quarter, Pleasanton scored their first touchdown of the night with the help of Palacios. Jourdanton answered, gaining 6 points at the start of the second quarter. Palacios scored another touchdown and Arevalo scored right after to make the score 21-6. Jourdanton added 6 points close to the end of the second quarter and Pleasanton responded with a touchdown by Henrichson to end the first half. The third quarter only had one touchdown from Castillo to put the score at 35-12. Early in the fourth quarter the Indians scored a touchdown and went for another but were unsuccessful. Pleasanton then scored their last touchdown of the night with the help of Krauskopf. With eleven seconds left Jourdanton scored their final touchdown to end the game with a score of 42-26 and a  big win for Pleasanton. 

On September 17th, Pleasanton played against Devine at home and came out with a victory and score of 35-12. Devine took the lead 6-0, but the Eagles answered, scoring 21 points in the first half. Devine scored again in the third quarter, but Pleasanton shut them down by scoring twice in the 4th quarter. ”As we enter the midway part of our season and with district start in 2 weeks, I am pleased with the overall team’s records at this time: freshman 3-2, JV 3-2, and the Varsity is currently 3-1,” Coach Liska said. “As for the Varsity, I am very pleased with the growth of several individuals and our team as a whole. I really like the direction this team is headed.” Pleasanton only has a couple games left, including their homecoming game on October 1st, before district starts. If you can, try to go and cheer on your Varsity Eagles at their next game, which is homecoming, and show your eagle spirit. Pride Pride!

Bump – Set – DOMINATE

By: Shyanne Sexton

Sarah Scharmann and Reagan Hollis setup for serve receive

Despite the fact that the Lady Eagles are just beginning their season, scores from Varsity, JV and freshman are making for a very promising season. The Lady Eagles faced Uvalde High School at the start of the month. The varsity team, with a strong three-set win, set the tone well for the matches to come and the junior varsity team, with a 2-0 triumph, showed its true colors.

On September 7th, the Varsity, Junior Varsity and freshman teams would play YWLA High School. As each team won its respective match, these games showed to be worthwhile. 

Varsity played Pearsall at home on September eleventh, where they won two dignified sets and pulled out a three-set victory. Despite winning 2-1 against Pearsall in a Devine tournament, JV lost momentum  and suffered a loss against Poth and Del Rio. Freshman also suffered a hard loss against Poth and Pearsall at the Devine Tournament.

Later in the week, the Lady Eagles won another three-set victory at Holy Cross high school, kicking off a winning streak. However, this tone was not carried over to the Junior Varsity team, which lost to Holy Cross in two sets. 

JV and freshman teams dominated against Carrizo Springs on the seventeenth. Both pulling strong wins and setting the stage for varsity. On the very next night, the varsity team played an exceptional match against Carrizo Springs High School, remaining focused all the way, and ending the night second to none with a three set win.

In the final stages of September, the team played Brackenridge High School. After winning two very good sets, Varsity swept the other ending with a 3-0 win. JV and freshman also won 2-0, following suit with the Varsity team.

In addition to the scores, the players have also proved that the season has been and will continue to be great. Kiley Wiechring, a varsity player, has a confident view of the season. She says “I think district games are going really well, we’ve put in a lot of time and effort to get a good spot in district” and says Coach Aguirre has made changes this year so the team can accomplish extraordinary things. In addition, she said that she really looks up to Tess and Sadie on the team for the fact that they both have great leadership qualities and encourage her to do her best.

The Lady Eagles truly embody Eagle Pride. Their season has been great, and we wish them continued success in future matches as they continue to represent the school well. Pride! Pride!

Causing a Racquet

By: Courtney Henson & Farah Standley

In early September, the Pleasanton Eagle tennis team opened district with a strong win over Karnes City. With a final score of Pleasanton 14, Karnes City 5, some come from behind wins were extremely rewarding for the Eagles. Soon after, the tennis team dominated against Gonzales. With a 10-0 win putting them 2-0 in district. Yet again, a few days later, Pleasanton had another dominating game against Somerset high school. Beating them 10-3, securing their 3rd district win. 

Freshman Lauren Miles has been playing tennis for many years and continues to play with the Pleasanton High School. She loves the team and just how supportive everyone is of each other. Saying “everyone is cheering you on” no matter what. For first year coach Everett, the season has been exciting. “So far we are having an awesome time and are doing so well,” as the season continues Coach Everett is confident in the teams spot in playoffs and looks forward to facing the tougher competition in district. Aside from this, Coach Everett looks forward to getting to know his team even better, saying he wants to “connect with the kids more on a personal level.”

As the season continues marching on, the Eagle tennis team will continue to do amazing. We wish you luck, Eagles! Pride! Pride!

Leave It All On The Court

By: Courtney Henson & Brian Avery

As the 2021-2022 school year kicks off, the Pleasanton volleyball team has dominated on the court. Scores so far show a promising season ahead for the varsity, JV, and freshman teams. On just the second day of school, the Lady Eagles faced Devine and Burbank high school. For the varsity team, a double win sets the scene for the season to come. The JV team won over Burbank and lost to Devine. Unfortunately, the first game jitters got the best of the freshman team who lost to both Burbank and Devine. 

Later on the first week of school, the Varsity team traveled to Edgewood to participate in a tournament. This 3 day tournament would prove to be rewarding. After an incredible collection of wins over Memorial, Randolph, Del Rio, and Fox Tech, the team advanced to the first bracket, where they earned an advancing win over Hidalgo, next in the second bracket the girls beat Randolph. This win advanced them to the championship game. After a good fight with Del Rio, our girls came out Edgewood tournament champions! 

The following week, on Tuesday August, 17, the Varsity, JV, and Freshman teams faced D’hanis high school. This night was a rewarding night after all 3 teams gained a win. 

On August 19-21, the Varsity team traveled to Devine to partake in another tournament. After astonishing wins against D’hanis, Natalia, and Crystal City in pool play, the varsity team beat Edison in the first bracket play. Gaining another win against Ingram in the second bracket to advance to the championship game. Unfortunately, the Eagles were not able to pull forward for a champion win against Feast high school, but still managed second place in the tournament. All tournament selections include, Sadie McAda, and Tess Underbrink, a very respectable accomplishment on their behalf. 

On Tuesday, August 24, the Lady Eagles traveled to Hondo high school to face the Owls. After a long fight, the varsity team scores a 3-0 win. Unfortunately for the JV and Freshman teams they were unable to get a win. 

At a tournament in Persall, the varsity eagles pulled two impressive wins against Dilly and Sam Houston high school. Shortly after, in 3 long sets, the Eagles lost to South San, still they didn’t let this get them down. After two more wins against Persall and South San in the bracket play, our Eagles advanced to the championship game. In the championship game, the Eagles earned an impressive win against Randolph in 2 sets, earning first place of the tournament. All tournament selections for this tournament include Sadie McAda, Tess Underbrink, and Paige Stofa. 

Coach Bird, the JV coach, keeps an optimistic outlook on the season as the teams do so well saying, “so far off to a pretty good start!” Coach Bird is confident in his players as the season progresses, saying “they all do a really good job” and that he’s “excited to see how district takes shape.” 

This has been an amazing season so far and will hopefully only get better as the season progresses. We wish the volleyball team good luck as they continue to play games and make the school proud. As Coach Bird says “Come out and support!” Pride! Pride! 


By: Shyanne Sexton and Jaelyn Morales

The Pleasanton High School Tennis team started off the season with a match against Hondo on Saturday, August 14th. The team battled hard and ended the match with a loss of 16-3. The three wins came from Dillon Benavidez who finished with a win of 7-6, 6-2, Rosemary Garcia who also had a win of 6-3, 6-1, and the Mixed Doubles Team, Luke Raney and Kaylee Titzmen, who had a win of 6-3, 6-1. 

The teams next match was against Uvalde’s JV team in a duel match on Wednesday, August 18th. Gage Pawelek/Cian Martinez, Shyanne Sexton/Ilianna Solorzano, Dillion Benavidez/Bennack Conroy, and Elynore Hernandez/Kenley Miller all contributed to giving the team its first double wins. In the singles, Gage Pawelek, Cian Martinez, Luke Raney, Bennack Conroy, Iliana Solorzano, Elly Hernandez, and Kenley Miller all exceeded in winning the singles matches to help Pleasanton have a strong win. As well as more big singles wins from Angel Hernandez, Shayne Cazier, Kassidy Vickers, and S. Hernandez. The other strong double wins came from Shayne Cazier/Mayson Smith, and Genevieve Alvarado/Stephanie Hernandez. 

While the season has barely started, Coach Everett has already had a great time getting to know each and every kid on the tennis team. When asked what obstacles he would like to overcome this season he responded “The obstacles I would like to overcome this season would have to be navigating through my first year ever as a teacher/coach. There are a ton of different factors that play into both these roles, and I know it will not always be easy to balance them efficiently.” There might be some challenges along the way but that won’t stop Coach Everett and his team from having a successful fall season.


By: River Reyes and Allison Collins

The 2021-2022 Cheerleaders

Kicking off the 2021-2022 school year, the Pleasanton Highschool Cheerleaders are ecstatic and prepared. Cheer Captains, Linda Sanchez and Noelani Guerrero along with Cheer Sponsor, Mrs. Rutherford are excited to finally begin this season. 

For the month of August the cheerleaders participated in the community pep rally, the first high school pep rally, scrimmage football game as well as the first football game of the season. Their performance was outstanding and the cheerleaders represented our school well! 

The Cheer team has great leadership with their cheer captains as well as a motivated sponsor that looks forward to their performances. When asked about the responsibilities as the Cheer Sponsor, Mrs. Rutherford says, “It takes a lot of planning, everyone always thinks football season is so busy. Yes its busy, but that’s the fun busy.” 

As the school year starts, all the sports will be taking center stage and our cheerleaders will be ready to show up and out!

Game, Set, Match!

By: Ariana Johnson

Senior Joshua Schmahl and Junior Luke Raney

Pleasanton Eagles Tennis team went to regionals at Corpus Christi on April 27 through the 28. They played against Devine and beat them with a score of 4-6, 6-4, and 6-0. The team faced their next opponent in regionals and lost to Remond Field 6-7, and 5-7. 

Coach Schawb regarding the seniors, “I am always sad that seniors go. But they grow up and leave and I wish them nothing but the best for them and they’re going to do great things.” Following this Schwab explained, “I try to teach students to be good students and good person and it’s important to make and impact on people and I want them to try to respect everyone and fear no one.” Senior Blake Moos advises to the remaining team, “Just to stick with the sport and to give it their all and the most important thing is to just have fun.” He further explained, “Have a bit of knowledge of the game and to just know where to be at certain times.” Good job, Eagle Tennis. Pride! Pride! Eagle Pride! 

It’s Tee Time

By: Adriana Clark  

Boys Golf team posing after regional meet

On May 10-11, Senior Lacey Stevens traveled to Kyle and competed in the UIL State Golf Tournament. The first day, Lacey scored 87 points. On the second day she scored 82 points. After only counting the first 9 holes on day two due to the weather, Lacey ended up with a two-day total of 131 points. Lacey finished 36th overall at State. 

May 17-18th the men’s golf team traveled to Kyle where they overall placed 8th. Coach Guerra said that even though they did not have a season last year, “This has been a historic year for our golf program. Despite having our season cut short last year and all the adjustments that had to be made this year, the team put all of that behind them and made this season the most successful season this program has ever had. This shows how dedicated and committed these young men and women were to this season.” 

Coach Guerra added that “having the boys team make it to the state tournament for the first time in school history and Lacey qualifying as a medalist in the same season, makes this year the proudest of my coaching career.” 

For next year’s golf season, Coach Guerra is “hoping that the experience of the participating in the state tournament will help the returning golfers to want to work even harder during the off-season and next year so that they can experience that feeling all over again. I also hope that it will inspire the others to work just as hard so that they can be a part of that experience down the road” 

To the graduating seniors in golf, Coach Guerra would like to say thank you for your hard years of work and dedication you put into the program and that he will miss every one of you. He wishes you all the luck in the world in everything that you do.

Breaking Records at State

By: Jaelyn Morales

Ashon Thompson, Estevan Jackson, Juan Lopez, and Sean Ramos smile for a picture

The Varsity Boys and Girls track teams competed in the 4A Area Track Meet on Thursday, April 15th in Wimberly, TX. The Lady Eagles placed 11th with 9 points in total. Even with weather changes throughout the day, both teams worked hard and pushed through.  In the field events, Ciarah Garcia placed 6th in triple jump and Victoria Castillo placed 6th in the high jump. On the track, Kassidy Vickers placed 6th in the 3200 M run and the 1600 M run, while Jilllian Barcomb placed 6th in the 300 M hurdles. The 4 x 100 M relay team of Emree Adamitz, Kiley Wiechring, Brandi Barnett, and Marissa Rothenbach placed 7th and the 4 x 200 M relay team of  Diamond Brownlee, Kiley Wiechring, Victoria Castillo, and Angel Tucker placed 8th. Caitlyn Neischwitz was the only athlete who advanced to the Regional lV Meet for the Lady Eagles. 

The Varsity Boys placed 3rd with 91 points in total. Before the weather became cold and drizzly, the field events took place and competing was sophomore Sean Ramos who finished 8th in long jump, junior Juan Lopez who finished 4th in long jump and 8th in triple jump, junior Este’van Jackson who finished 3rd in triple jump and 5th in long jump, and freshman Preston Pilgrim who finished 3rd in pole vault. For the running events, the 4 x 100 M relay team of junior Rudy Franco Jr, Sean Ramos, Juan Lopez, and Este’van Jackson finished 5th but only by .03 seconds and sadly missed their chance at qualifying for regionals. Sophomore Averee Cantu, junior Reagan Moore, and freshman Jayden Palacios ran the 800M and finished 6th, 7th, and 2nd. Junior Justin Veale ran the 110M hurdles and finished 5th and also ran the 300M hurdles and finished 7th. Senior Ashon Thompson flying past his competitors placed 1st in the 100M dash and 200M dash and Jayden Palacios also placed 1st, but in the 400M dash. The 4 x 200M relay team of Este’van Jackson, Sean Ramos, Juan Lopez, and Ashon Thompson finished 2nd after a tough race and the 4 x 400 M relay team was the last race of the night and consisted of Sean Ramos, Juan Lopez, Este’van Jackson, anchored by Jayden Palacios who placed 3rd with a time of 3:28.24 seconds and barely missed breaking another school record. Six athletes advanced to the Regional IV Meet for the Eagles.

The Texas 4A Regional IV track meet took place at Javelina Stadium in Kingsville on April 23rd and 24th. Senior Caitlyn Nieschwitz finished 10th with a time of 2:39.21 in the 800M run. Caitlyn has accomplished so much in her 4 years of track & field for the Lady Eagles and the whole community is proud of her. The Varsity Boys placed 2nd at the regional meet and had a total of 62 points. Este’van Jackson placed 9th in triple jump and Juan Lopez placed 7th in long jump, both narrowly missed getting into the finals.  Preston Pilgrim was the first athlete to earn a spot at the state meet with a 2nd place finish in pole vault. Jayden Palacios ran the 400M dash finishing 1st with a new school record and ran the 800M run with a 3rd place finish.  Ashon Thompson placed 1st in the 100M dash and remained undefeated and also ran the 200M dash and finished 2nd. The 4 x 200M relay was unfortunately disqualified on a rules infraction and did not earn any points. The 4 x 400M relay team placed 1st and broke the prior school record time (3:27) set 46 years ago. They broke the record with a time of 3:23.507 and then broke their own record on Friday with a time of 3:28.482. “The best moment was watching our 4×4 team break the school record in prelims at regionals and then the next day break it again and beat Wimberly who was talking trash to our guys,” said Rudy Franco Jr. The Eagles didn’t let the trash-talking phase them and instead they settled it on the track. Their hard work paid off and the team met their biggest goal which was making it to the state championship. 

The UIL State Track and Field Meet was held at Mike A. Myers Stadium on the UT campus in Austin, Texas. First up for the Eagles was Preston Pilgrim who scored the first points for the team and set a new personal record when he cleared 14’-6”. Next up was senior Ashon Thompson who ran against tough competition and placed 4th in the 100M dash with a time of 10.56 and also competed in the 200M dash and placed 4th scoring points for the eagles in both events. Jayden Palacios was now up to run the 400M dash and gave it all he got to place 3rd breaking his own school record time of 21.84 seconds and winning the bronze medal. The final race for the eagles was the 4 x 400M relay team of Sean Ramos, Juan Lopez, Estevan Jackson, and Jayden Palacios. They were competing against some of the best relay teams in Texas, but that didn’t phase them at all. Ramos started the race with a great first leg and handed it off to Lopez who kept the eagles in the mix. Estevan Jackson had an amazing leg as well and to finish it was Palacios who took off for the finish line and finished in 4th place breaking the school record with a time of 3:21.51 and scoring points as well for the team. The Varsity Boys represented the school and community proudly and placed 5th with 24 points at the meet. “The way I felt about this track season is a feeling that can not be described, it was like a movie,” stated Rudy Franco Jr. For Ashon Thompson this is his last year competing for Pleasanton, but he has made his team, school, and community proud and has shown the underclassmen how it’s done. The future is very bright for the eagles and the team and coaching staff and very excited and looking forward to next year. Congratulations to the Pleasanton Track and Field teams for all their hard work and dedication. Pride Pride!

Leave It All On The Field

By: Courtney Henson

Senior Tatum Stanley, Sophomore Jaelyn Morales, and Junior Taylor Bryant are pictured celebrating a win.

On April 29, the Pleasanton Lady Eagles softball team faced Uvalde and secured a win ending the game with a score of 8-5. The next day, April 30, the team faced Uvalde again and after a long fight, suffered an extreme loss with an end score of 27-2. The day after, on May 1, the Eagles faced Uvalde one final time and after a long game, faced the devastating blow of a 19-4 loss, ending their 2020-2021 season. 

The differences between this year’s season and last year’s season, could not be more obvious. The season was cut short due to Covid-19 last season, so they came ready to play this season. For senior Tatum Stanley, this season posed a mentality improvement. With the new season, the players faced change and were put into new positions. “A lot of us had to play new positions and take that well,” says Stanley. This could have caused blips in the team’s plays, but instead they rose to the situation and as Stanley said “kept our heads up” as well as being, “ready for the next one.” For Sophomore Anai Gonzales, this was the first year on Varsity and first full year of high school softball. This year she feels they faced a lot of the same difficulties that Stanley thought. A “rough one” she called it, but “ I love my teammates and I’m grateful to have gotten the chance to play with them” 

For head coach, Coach Savage, this would come to be the last season she would coach. For the past 11 years, Savage has been working towards turning the program around, and it has paid off. The softball program has made it to the playoffs every season for the past 11 years, something that had not been done in many years. Coach Savage credits the amazing seasons to the “dedicated and hard working young women of this community that believed in themselves and our program.” Although Coach Savage will no longer coach at the high school level, she will continue coaching at the junior high level. Coaching junior high kids has always been a passion of Coach Savages, firmly believing that, “it’s where the basic fundamentals are instilled in kids and their future success sprouts at that level.” Coach Savage will be missed dearly by the softball team.

As the softball season comes to a close, and the year ends, the softball team looks forward to next season. Remember these words from your dear Coach Savage, “never forget to find your BELIEVE! All things are possible if you Believe!” Awesome job this season and we wish you luck in the future. Pride! Pride! Eagle Pride!

Hitting a Homerun

By: Gabby Palacios

Sophomore, Max Sauceda, pitching at a varsity home game.

After an amazing season with countless victories, the PHS Varsity baseball season has come to an end, finishing off their 2021 year as Area Finalists. 

Following a 6-4 loss against Hondo on Tuesday, April 27, the Eagles made a comeback for their final District game, finishing the night off with a 6-5 win over the Owls. The boys began their Playoff games against the Carrizo Springs Wildcats on Saturday, March 8, the first round ending with an 11-1 win for the Eagles, and the second round ending with an astounding 16-1 win for PHS. 

Unfortunately, the season ended after the second round against the Alice Coyotes. The Eagles lost both rounds, ending with a 2-0 score on Friday, May 14, and a score of 6-0 on Saturday, May 15. This ended the boys’ year off with a total of 25 wins and 9 losses for the season.

After the amazing season with the 2020-2021 team, Coach Standley stated, “They were picked at the bottom of the district but they proved a lot of people wrong and we got the district championship, one of our goals, and had a great year…”

Because of Covid-19, last year’s season was cut short and the team was unable to finish off the year. However, Coach Standley feels that this year’s team finished off the work of last year’s team and set the grounds for an amazing season next year. He explained, “My final words to [the seniors] would be ‘thank you so much for making an enjoyable season for me and it was a pleasure and an honor to coach [you all]’.”

Congratulations on the amazing season and good luck to the 2021 senior baseball players going into their future. PRIDE PRIDE!

Men’s Soccer

By: Adelena Vera

The Men’s Soccer Team

The Men’s Soccer Team kicked off their playoff games on March 25 against Palacios and won 3-2. Five days later, March 30th, the team played against Fredericksburg and sadly lost, 2-4, ending their season. The Men’s Soccer team has had a stressful season. Coach Breiten stated, “I am proud of the team for coming and working together to reach our goal of being district champions. I enjoy coaching all the players, each one of them stands out for their own individual reasons. For next season, I would like to build on our togetherness that we had at the end of this season.” 

Congratulations on making District Champions and good luck next season!

Women’s Soccer: Not Just a Team, a Family

By: Libby Sanchez

The Pleasanton Women’s Soccer Team celebrating after a win against Beeville in playoffs.

On this team, nobody goes through anything alone. This has been proven by the black armbands worn by the girls every game since to represent the loss of a beautiful woman, Robyn Miller, on March 11. “This team means so much to me and seeing them support my family during such a hard time even if it’s as small as wearing a black armband, it means the world to me,” said Brylee Miller. Instead of letting the situation get the better of them, they took it all out on the field and played with a deep purpose behind it all. 

The Pleasanton Women‘s Soccer Team had their first playoff game against Beeville on March 26. After a long battle in both halves, the score was tied 0-0 and the teams went into a shootout. Coach Bird selected Seniors: Renata Osorio, Sofia Rivera, Kaitlyn Garcia, Lacey Stevens, and Junior: Skylar Mitchell. 

Renata was up to take the first shot for Pleasanton. Osorio took her shot, but unfortunately, Beeville’s goalie was able to block it. Lucky for us, Renata’s adrenaline rush caused her to shoot the ball before the ref blew his whistle, therefore forcing her to take the shot again. This time she waited a few seconds after the whistle was blown, and sent a beautiful shot to the bottom right of the net. Setting us in the lead 1-0. With Syd set up in goal, Beeville sent in another one of their players to take their second penalty kick of the shootout. She kicked too far right, causing the ball to hit the goal post and bounce back, leaving us in the lead. Up next, we had Kaitlyn step up to the penalty line. She set the score 2-0, increasing our lead. Beeville scored their first goal against us, making the score 2-1. Sofia was determined to keep the team in the playoffs when she scored a great goal and brought us up 3-1. To make an already intense game even better, if Beeville made this next goal in the shootout, they had a chance at a comeback. If they missed, that would set the Eagles at a lead that’s impossible to catch up to. Merecka, after playing an amazing game with multiple saves, was not about to cut her senior season short. Beeville’s player sent a great shot, but not great enough to get past Sydney. She deflected it out, winning Pleasanton the game, and it was only a few seconds before she was in the center of a hype circle her team had formed around her. The fans we’re beyond excited for the Eagles to continue on to round two.

 Their next playoff game was against Canyon Lake at Alamo Heights in San Antonio. 15 minutes into the game, Canyon Lake scored their first goal off a corner kick. This didn’t discourage our girls, if anything it just made them fight back harder. With only 8 minutes left in the first half, Osario sent a beautiful through-ball to Brandi Barnett (Junior), who was able to make a quick move around a defender and outrun her to score our first goal of the game. Going into halftime, the game was tied 1-1. This was where Bird decided to change up their plan and told the girls it was time to step up their offensive game. Canyon Lake scored their second goal with only 20 minutes left in the game. After a well-fought battle, with many great runs and plays, The Pleasanton Women’s Soccer Team’s season came to an end. It was an emotional night for this team that’s become a family, many tears were shed as a result of it being many of our senior’s last games of their high school career. “If I had to choose one word to describe this season, I think it would have to be “rollercoaster.” We had a lot of highs and lows but overall it was a ton of fun and I built friendships that I wouldn’t trade for anything,” said Osorio. It’s bittersweet to see them go, but the program is excited to see where future teams take them. “The biggest piece of advice I can give to upcoming classes is to enjoy it all, every single piece of it. It all flies by too fast to just let it float by. Four years’ worth of memories that I will cherish for a long time to come,” said Merecka. The 2020-2021 Pleasanton Women’s Soccer Team has had a memorable year and season, and the program is excited for it to only get better in the future.

Order On The Court

By: Victoria Chavez

In order from left: Shyanne Sexton, Devon Clark, Luke Harlos, Blake Moos, Cian Martinez, Gage Pawelek

The Mighty Eagle Tennis team recently played against Marion high school and took home many wins in both JV and varsity. Angel Hernandez placed 3rd main draw in boys singles. Marcus Lynch placed 1st main draw in boys singles. Conner George and Mayson Smith placed 1st in boys doubles back draw. Dillion Benavidez and Shayne Cazier placed 1st place in boys doubles main draw. Rosemary Garcia and Stephanie Hernadez placed 3rd in girls doubles main draw. Devon Clark placed 2nd in boys singles main draw. Claire Benavidez placed 2nd in girls single main draw. Shyanne Sexton placed 1st in girls single main draw. Evelynn Caraway and Makenzie Richter placed 1st in girls doubles back draw. Cian Martinez and Gage Pawelek placed 2nd in boys doubles main draw. Luke Harlos and Blake Moos placed 1st in boys doubles main draw. Bennack Conroy and Elly Hernandez placed 1st in mixed doubles back draw.  

They also played in a district tournament on April 16, 2021 in Navarro high school. Angel Hernandez boys singles won 8-3. Marcus Lynch won 8-5 boys singles. Conner George and Mayson Smith boys doubles won 8-2. Conner George and Mayson Smith Boys doubles won 9-7. Shayne Cazier and Dillion Benavidez boys doubles won 8-2. Shayne Cazier and Dillion Benavidez boys doubles won 8-5. Devon Clark boys singles won 6-1, 6-4. Devon Clark boys singles won 7-5, 6-4. Shyanne Sexton girls singles won 7-6, 2-6, 6-4. Evelynn Caraway and Makenzie Richter girls doubles won 6-3, 6-3. Cian Martinez and Gage Pawelek boys doubles won 6-3, 1-6, 6-3. Luke Harlos and Blake Moos boys doubles won 6-2, 6-4. Luke Harlos and Blake Moos boys doubles won 6-1, 6-3. Luke Harlos and Blake Moos boys doubles second place. 

Luke Harlos and Blake Moos will be advancing to regionals in boys doubles and Devon Clark will be advancing as boys singles. When asked how he felt playing his final year, Luke Harlos said, “For my last season it was great…I couldn’t think of a better way to end it off…” Make sure to wish our tennis team good luck as they compete in regionals from April 27th-29th…Pride Pride, Eagle Pride!

The Back Nine

By: River Reyes

Junior, Reed Foster, during a tournament.

With the end of the golf season here, the Pleasanton golf teams are wrapping up the year with a series of tournaments. The Eagles participated in 5 tournaments and the Lady Eagles participated in 4 tournaments with Lacey Stevens qualifying for state. The month of April has been a tight ship with the build up to the end of the season.

On March 30, the Eagles placed 1st with 326 points and the Lady Eagles placed 3rd with 398 points. On April 5 Eagles Varsity placed 1st with 315 points, JV placed 3rd with 465 points, and the Lady Eagles placed 3rd with 402 points. On April 8, the Eagles placed 1st place with 626 points and the Lady Eagles placed 2nd with 789 points. On April 20 and the 21st, the Lady Eagles placed 8th with 405 points for the region 4 tournament and the Eagles placed 1st with 650 points, winning the 4A region 4 tournament.

With their win at the regional tournament on the 21st and 22nd, the mens golf team made school history being the first team to win a regional tournament and qualify for state. Lacey Stevens will be competing for the UIL State Golf Tournament on May 10th and 11th in Kyle, and the mens team will be competing for the UIL State Golf Championship on May 17th and 18th in Kyle.

Overall, the vast majority of games played were won, with the teams advancing to the finals. We wish them the best of luck in the upcoming state tournaments.  

Track & Field

By: Wanish Tortes-McGinnis

State bound track and field boys

On Wednesday March 24th, the Pleasanton Track team went to their second meet in Devine. The JV Team overall made 154 points coming in 2nd place and varsity made 199 points placing them in 2nd. The JV Boys made 157 points and placed 2nd, while the varsity boys made 222 points and placed 1st.

The Varsity girls, in the 3200m run, Fe Vielma placed 1st, and in the 400m relay the team of Emree Adamitz, Kiley Wiechring, Brandi Barnett, and Angel Tucker placed 2nd. In the 800m run Caitlyn Nieschwitz placed 1st, Kennedy Guajardo placed 2nd, and Kara Hinojosa placed 4th. Emalee David placed 1st in the 100m hurdles, and in the 100m dash, Itzel Perez placed 1st, Marissa Rothenbach placed 3rd, and Ariel Mejia placed 5th. 

Placing 2nd in the 800m relay were Brandi Barnett, Kiley Wiechring,Victoria Castillo, and Angel Tucker. Kennedy Guajardo placed 1st in the 400m dash, with Ciarha Garcia placing 4th. Jillian Barcomb placed 6th in the 300m hurdles, and in the 200m dash, Angel Tucker placed 3rd. 

In the 1600m run, Caitlyn Nieschwitz placed 2nd, and Lindsey Klein placed 3rd, with Mary Martinez placing 4th. Raegan Hollis, Ciarah Garcia, Brandi Barnet, and Kennedy Guajardo placed 2nd in the 1600m relay. 

The team did just as well in field events, in the High Jump, Victoria Castillo placed 1st, Kiley Wiechring placed 2nd, and Kara Hinojosa placed 3rd. Kara Hinojosa placed first in the pole vault, with Mary Martinez coming in 2nd. In the long jump, Victoria Castillo placed 1st, with Ciarah Garcia placing 2nd, and Kara Hinojosa placing 3rd. The triple jump was executed well, with Ciarah Garcia placing 1st, and Jillian Barcomb placing 2nd. The shot put Sofia Aguilar in 3rd, and in the discus, Sofia Aguilar placed 5th.

The Varsity boys in the 100m dash had Ashon Thompson place 1st, with Phillip Sosa placing 4th, and Seth Harrison in 9th.  Ashon Thompson also placed 1st in the 200m dash. Rudy Franco placed 5th, and Adriano Ayala placed 8th. Following these two events, in the 400m dash, Jayden Palacios placed 1st, Aaron Alvarado placed 4th, and Ryan Moore placed 5th. Jayden Palacios ran the 800m, placing 1st, with Averee Cantu placing 2nd. The last two track events were the 1600m, with Israel Garcia coming in 5th, and Xavier Rodriguez placing 7th. The last part of the event was the 3200m run. Xavier Rodroguez placed 5th, and Jayden Ogg in 6th place. 

Next, in the 110m hurdles, was Justin Veale placing 3rd, with Reagan Moore placing 6th. The 300m hurdles was Justin Veale placing 1st, and Regan Moore in 2nd place. In the 4 x 100m relay, Estevan Jackson, Juan Lopez, Sean Ramos, and Rudy Franco, placed 2nd. Also participating in the 200m relay Ashon Thompson, Sean Ramos, Juan Lopez, Estevan Jackson placed 1st. Running the 4 x 400 were Jayden Palacios, Estevan Jackson, Juan Lopez, and Sean Ramos, and they came in first! 

The field events were held, starting with the Long jump. 1st place went to Sean Ramos. 

2nd place to Estevan Johnson, and 3rd place went to Juan Lopez. The shotput went to Alexis Yanez in 1st place. Peyton Eichman placed 3rd in the discus. The triple jump saw Sean Ramos taking 1st, Estevan Jackson placed 2nd, and Juan Lopez placing 3rd. In the high jump, Adrian

Gacia placed 2nd, and Reagan Moore, 5th. Finally, in the pole vault, Preston Pilgrim placed 2nd, Adriano Ayala placed 4th, and Seth Harrison placed 6th. Overall, the athletes did very well in representing the school. 

On March 30th, the pleasanton track team had the district meet in Cuero. Overall the Varsity Girls made 4th place. For the 3200m run Kassidy Vickers came in 2nd following Fe Vielma in 7th. Emree Adamitz, Kiley Wiechring, Brandi Barnett, and Marrisa Rothenbach came in 4th place for the 400m relay race. Caitlyn Nieschwitz came in 2nd place for the 800m run. For the 100m Hurdles Emalee David placed 5th and JIllian Barcomb 7th. Kinsley Barker, Kiley Wiechring, Victoria Castillo, and Angel Tucker placed 2nd in the 800m relay. In the 400m dash Kenndey Guajardo placed 5th. Jillian Barcomb placed 2nd in the 300m hurdles. Angel Tucker placed 6th in the 200m dash. In the 1600m run Caitlyn Nieschwitz placed 2nd following Kassidy Vickers in 3rd and Lindsey Klein in 4th. In the 1600m relay Emree Adamitz, Ciarah Garcia, Brandi Barnett, and Kennedy Guajardo placed 5th. In field events Victoria Castillo placed 2nd in high jump. In pole vault Kara Hinojosa placed 7th place and Mary Martinez in 8th. In long jump Victoria Castillo placed 6th. In Triple jump Ciarah Garcia placed 4th. 

The varsity boys placed 3rd overall at district. Ashon Thompson placed 1st for both the 100m dash and the 200m dash. Jayden Palacios placed 1st in the 400m dash. In the 800m run Jayden Palacios placed 1st, Reagan Moore placed 3rd, and Averee Cantu placed 4th. Xavier Rodriguez placed 9th in the 1600m run following Jayden Ogg in 10th and Israel Garcia in 11th. In the 3200m run Xavier Rodriguez placed 5th and Jayden Ogg in 7th. Justin Veale placed 3rd in the 110m hurdles.In the 300m hurdles Justin Veale placed 4th following Reagan Moore who placed 5th. Christopher Zapata, Estevan Jackson, Juan Lopez, and Sean Ramos placed 2nd in the 4x100m relay. Ashon Thompson, Sean Ramos, Juan Lopez, Estevan Jackson came in 1st for the 4x200m relay. In the 4×400 Jayden Palacios, Estevan Jackson, Juan Lopez, and Sean Ramos came in 1st place.

For long jump Sean Ramos came in 2nd followed by Estevan Jackson in 3rd and Juan Lopez in 4th. In shot put Alexis Yanez placed 10th and in discuss Peyton Eichman placed 6th. In triple jump Estevan Jackson Placed 3rd along with Juan Lopez in 4th and Sean Ramos in 7th. Adrian Garcia placed 9th in high jump followed by brothers Reagan Moore in 10th and Ryan Moore in 11th place. Last but not least we have pole vaulters with Preston PIlgrim in 1st, Adriano Ayala in 4th and Seth Harrison in 9th. 


By: Eileen Jaksik

The Pleasanton Eagle Softball Team standing for the National Anthem.

The Pleasanton Eagle Softball Team is coming towards the end of their season, they have won and lost many games. Lady Eagles still have three more games until they advance to the playoffs. 

Starting off, on March 23, The Lady Eagles played Devine High School and sadly came out short with a loss of 17-2 March 30, The Lady Eagles traveled to Somerset but came out with a loss of 17-2. On April 1, the start of a new month the Pleasanton Softball team played against Hondo at the Hondo High School, sadly they fell short once more with a score of 12-0, on April 9, the lady Eagles came out with a big win against Brooks Academy with a score of 17-0. April 13, the softball team played Devine again and fell with a score of 19-0, then they played Holy cross and lost with a score 9-2. April 20, the Lady Eagles played against Somerset High School, and lost with a score 12-1, and April 23, the Eagles Softball team played Hondo High School, they sadly fell short and lost by 12-1. The Lady Eagles have one last game that will determine if they proceed through playoffs or if their season is coming to an end. 

Coach Savage is very proud of all that the girls have accomplished and wishes to give them this short piece of advice, “If there is any advice I can give my girls for the future it would be: Not everything is gonna be fair, things will not be handed to you, you have to do the extra to reap the reward. Believe in yourself because there is always gonna be someone who wants to see you fail. Believe!” Coach Savage is overall proud of how the girls performed this season among-st the circumstances of the games.  

This year is some of our girls last year, one of the players has some encouraging words for our leaving seniors. She says, “I love each senior we have. They’ve all helped me become a better player in one way or another. The only thing i’d say to them is that I hope they continue to love the game even after their season is over. I’m very grateful to have gotten to play with them, and I hope they all do amazing things once they get their lives started.” Everyone is very sad the seniors are leaving, but are happy that they are going to go off and start new things. 

The Lady Eagles are going to play amazing at the playoff game whether they win or lose they are going to end the season off great and accomplished. Pride! Pride!