By: Leighlah Silva


Get ready to rally under the lights and feel the pulse of the school spirit in softball! Softball season has officially started here at PHS.“The goals for the season are to continue changing the culture of the softball program.  This is a rebuilding year; and we want to add to the foundation that we started last year. We will be very young this season and introducing new concepts to the younger group as well as the returners from last season. We will always build on the success from the previous year and our goal is to have a successful season and make the playoffs.” says Coach Cook, Which we know they are capable of. 

The newcomers have settled in very well on the team “Great team, just need more experience”. The freshmen have really out done themselves especially during tryouts.“We put the girls through a variety of drills that tested their abilities to catch, throw, run, and hit.  They had to be able to attempt each drill and were given a score based on how successful they were at completing .We recorded their times from contact to first base and to second base. We were looking for kids who could achieve times to first in 3.5 seconds and 7 seconds or less to second.” And they have surely found them. 

The girls have played in scrimmages and tournaments, they are having a very good start to the season with not much loses. We hope the girls have an amazing season and continue to shine bright in the school’s eyes. Pride, pride!


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