Girls Basketball: Back in Full Force

By: Allison Collins & Myame Lara

With winter rolling back around, that means our Lady Eagles Basketball season bounces back into full force. With the new season already started, we wanted to make sure you were up to date with your Lady Eagles Basketball team! We interviewed PHS junior, Mikayla Theis, and Lady Eagles Varsity head coach, Stephen Rentfro. 

As of right now, our Lady Eagles Varsity team has a 4 game winning streak. Good job Ladies! Coach Rentfro expresses, “ We play to a standard, and we measure ourselves on how close we can get to that standard.” Our Lady Eagles love a good challenge and are looking forward to the Tilden Classic to play some great surrounding teams.  

Basketball is known to be a sport which requires harmony and unity, this is no problem for our Lady Eagles! Since the first practice of the season our Lady Eagles have made much improvement and progress as a team. The girls are challenged to live plays and team scrimmages to provide room for learning and improvement. Coach Rentfro explains “Challenges lead to learning, learning leads to fewer mistakes.” This practice tactic and Coach Rentfro’s coaching style has helped our Lady Eagles tremendously. The Lady Eagles post, junior Mikayla Theis, expressed her love for the competition and team. She says, “The memories made are super important, as well as our improvement as a team.”

So far, our Lady Eagles basketball team is currently standing at 11-7 overall. We can’t wait to see what else our Lady Eagles have to offer as the season progresses and to see the improvement in the team. Pride Pride!

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