By: Ricky Fabrow

Aries: This month you’ll be able to show off your glory and success by smiling brightly in life and doing your best work in anything.

Taurus: This month will be all about relaxing and laying back. There won’t be much work to do and people will finally be leaving you alone for some well needed peace and quiet.

Gemini: There will be a lot of activities for you to talk about and do this month. From setting up decorations and using the aesthetic of the outside to please the eyes of your inside.

Cancer: This month you will be able to flow through life and enjoy its small details as your good deeds will be repaid with small yet sweet actions from others 

Leo: You´ll be beaming with energy as you race off into the day and weeks enjoying life for its beautiful scenery and people you are soon to meet 

Virgo: You will improve in whatever job or work related thing you are in and will blow everyone out of the water and get a much deserved reward

Libra: Evil will come your way but you will swiftly and quickly deal with it as soon as it happens and stop whatever negative forces happen.

Scorpio: You will be comforted and appreciated for what you have done for yourself and will improve on many things you have had trouble with in the past.

Sagittarius: Your uniqueness will let you make friends easier and not have to go through life alone as they will notice how different you are then the rest.

Capricorn: This month you won’t have to worry about the tons and tons of work that life throws at you but instead be a straight steady path of relaxing.

Aquarius: You’ll be able to open up to others and get the help that you deserve while also having some much needed fun along the way.

Pisces: This month you’ll be able to control your emotions and finally do the things you have wanted to do for a long time.

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