Pacesetter Camp

By: Alexandra Garcia and Libby Sanchez

This year, our Pleasanton Pacesetter Team attended HTE Dance Camp in San Antonio. This organization specializes in training today’s young people to become tomorrow’s leaders in the world of dance. The camp lasted for three days, July 25th-27th. The first two days the girls were up and training at 7 in the morning, to 7:30 in the evening, almost 13 hours. Over the course of their time there, our pacesetters learned all their pep rally, competition, and football game routines for this year. After last year’s events being limited due to Covid-19, these girls are ready to jump back into school spirit and perform at pep rallies and our community parades once again.

At the end of last year, the new officers were chosen for the next upcoming season. This year’s officers are looking forward to leading a great year: Colonel Kaylie Stratton, Lieutenant Colonel Briana Arevalo, Major Illeana Ochoa, Lieutenant Larissa Villarreal, Sargent Selena Cerda, Social Officer Captain Alexis Robles, Co-Captain Erin Light, and Co-Captain Rosemary Garcia. 

The 2021-2022 Pleasanton Pacesetters are looking forward to a great year full of fun away game bus rides, competitions, and overall memories. Best of luck to our new officers and the rest of the girls as they progress through this year!

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