Something Special for the Seniors

By: Perri Alexander


A celebration…

A time for looking back on lessons learned,

Adventures shared, bright moments filled with 

Special meaning.

A farewell…

A time for saying goodbye to old friends,

To good times you’ve known.. A time for

Packing away memories, treasures for tomorrow

A beginning…  

A time for looking forward, a time to set new goals,

To dream new dreams, to try your wings and see 

What lies beyond. 


Dearest seniors of 2020, the time has finally come; we are finally done. This year may have been rough, but our strong seniors have gotten through the worst of the worst. Now it’s time for a new chapter in our life, some of us may move on to college, others might get a job straight away, but I know that we’re going to go far. Most all of us used to look at the future as so far away, that our time would never come. However, our four years of high school flew by. We were once tiny helpless freshmen who had no idea what the world was really like.  Now we are fully grown adults who are about to start our lives. I believe in all of us and I hope the future gives us nothing but joy because if we can live through a pandemic and still graduate, then there’s nothing my class of 2020 can’t do!  So, for the last time, this is the poem perfectionist with the last poem. Pride! Pride! Eagle Pride! 

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