Student Spotlight: Student Workers

By: Heaven Marquez and Gabby Palacios

Sophomore student worker JJ Moralez pictured working at SONIC Drive-In.

This time of quarantine and COVID-19 has stopped the world in its tracks. It seems like everything has been placed on hold as this virus continues to attack. However, the students of Pleasanton High School have refused to just sit back and use this time to relax or slack off; they have decided to make a difference.

Seniors Trisha West and James Barcomb have opted for helping people get fast food with West working at Whataburger and Barcomb operating at Bill Miller BBQ. Other students have decided to help their community by working at the local H-E-B and assisting those who make their way into the store. Seniors Saul Raquena, Nick Robles, Madeline Keylich, Jordan Haby, Colby Davidson, Chano Roman, and Celia Alvarez have all supported the store along with juniors John Rosas, David Garcia, Erica Santee, and sophomore Cayden Jones.

David Garcia, a junior HEB employee, states, “There are definitely people who take advantage of the system… Neighbors, family, friends, acquaintances, find someone who might need help or is struggling to get these things and offer or even just do it out of kindness but do what you can to share or even run those errands for them.”

Erica Santee, also currently employed at HEB, explains, “It’s a little stressful I’m not going to lie. I’m trying to work as much as I can and the store itself was a little hectic at first, but after taking great precautions as well as maintaining the customers’ satisfaction, it got easier. At HEB our managers and other partners helped out a lot by bringing people from other stores to our store for help when it got really crowded or hectic, it made me realize this was a very serious matter, and everyone needed to keep calm.”

Not only are there students helping people get their basic home necessities, but there are also those who provide fast and quick meals to others, including other essential workers.

An anonymous junior employed at SONIC Drive-in states, “It makes me feel good knowing that my job is to provide food to others who are out on the frontline as well. We get a lot of oil field workers, police officers, and nurses who come in on their lunch break or after a shift and sometimes you can tell that they’re really tired and it just makes me appreciate the work that they do for me even more.”

These are students that deserve recognition for the hard work they put in to help serve our community during these trying times. Thank you for staying positive and helpful throughout this quarantine! PRIDE PRIDE!

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