Staff Spotlight-Cafeteria Staff

By: Adriana Clark

The cafeteria workers here at PHS work hard constantly to provide the food we have at lunch. Not only do they have to provide the food we eat, but they also have to make sure all the tables are clean and that there is enough food for b-lunch.

Our cafeteria staff includes Kathy Garza, the manager, who has been working here for a total of 6 years. Kathy says her favorite part of her job is being in charge. She also used to work at the primary and says that “it is a big difference from the little ones to the big ones. Mainly at that age in elementary, you have to deal with tattle-telling, the hair-pulling, along with many other things along those lines.” 

Mary Ybanez has been working here for 20 years and her favorite part about her job is her group of coworkers. Mary Ramos has been working here for about a month and a half and one thing she enjoys about the job is the surroundings.

Julia has been working here for 3 months and she enjoys the dishes. Rebecca Alcorta has been working here for 2 years, Christabel Douglas has been working here for 5 months, and Mary-Alice Rodiguez has been working here for 10 years.

The group was asked what the most challenging factor about their job was, and they all agreed that the most challenging factor was making sure there’s enough food for everybody and not running out, but they also don’t want to make too much food where they would have to throw it out.

A piece of advice the cafeteria workers would like to give to the students is that they (the students) aren’t always going to get free stuff, being respectful to the staff and each other, to be appreciative, and that “please and thank you” can go a long way. 

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