Giving Purpose to Potential

By: Courtney Henson

On March 3, the Pleasanton BPA organization made their way to Fort Worth, Texas, to compete in the State Leadership Convention. On day one of the competition, at the special recognition awards ceremony, Brandi Barnett, Addy Brymer, Courtney Henson, and Ashlyn Vera earned their Statesman Torch Award. At this same ceremony Brandi Barnett was chosen as one of the pin design winners. Her pin will be traded at the National Leadership Convention in May.

Day two of the convention was filled with competition, individuals who competed on Thursday March 4, were Delanie, Lilee Ramirez, Courtney Henson, Jazmin Bernal, Thang, Elynore Hernandez, Conner George.

Day three of the convention was team competition and individual finalist. Teams included the Presentation Management team, Brandi Barnett, Addy Brymer, and Ashlyn Vera. Small Business Management team, Paige Read, Maddie Brymer, and Sadie Hartmann. Podcast Production team, Gage Pawelek and Shayne Cazier. Individualist Courtney Henson advanced to finals and competed this day as well.

The final day of the competition consisted of team finals and awards. The Small Business Management team advanced to finals and competed this morning. Results are as follows: Courtney Henson placed 5th in Administrative Support Research Project, Small Business Management team placed 8th. Brandi Barnett was the recipient of a scholarship.

Congratulation to the BPA competitors and good luck as you attend nationals. Pride! Pride!

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