Spirit week with PHS

By: Alexandra Garcia & Aaliyah Herrera

Monday, Sept. 27th marks the first day of spirit week for PHS. Spirit week is when students show and give off their Eagle pride during the week of homecoming. This year’s spirit week took place on September 27 through October 1. The student council of Pleasanton high school attended meetings to figure out the theme of Homecoming week, they brainstormed and came up with great, exciting ideas for the students and teachers.

The official theme’s of the week was, Monday Character day, Dress up as any Disney, book, or Movie character. Tuesday’s theme was Dress as triplets or twins. Wednesday was dress up in any space themed attire. Thursday’s theme was sweet dream pajama day. Finally Friday is the pride of PHS Green and Bling, wear mums, garders, and green. Students will be able to dress up and show pride for our football team. 

The dress code has some exceptions for this year’s homecoming week. Including: wearing hoods and hats are available as long as there a part of the costume. No full cover face mask. And if students are wearing tights for their costume they must have shorts or a skirt/dress covering with the appropriate length.

We loved to see everyone recessed up and showing their school spirit. Pride! Pride!

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