Advice Column

By: Ricky Fabrow

It’s a new year, which also means it’s a new you, and what better way to spend the first month of this year by improving and setting goals for oneself. To start off, we should try to be more positive this year and think a bit more about the things we’re thankful for and lucky to have. Although, it may not be thanksgiving, but a friendly reminder is always good to have, especially in trying times. Second, we should give ourselves goals such as starting off the day smiling and even making sure to eat breakfast, as it is the most important meal of the day. Even though the masks may be a tad uncomfortable, at least they aren’t bland or plain and you can customize yours to whatever you like. So remember this month, all you have to do is think and act positively, not only for yourself, but others too, as it could make a difference, and might even help someone to see things maybe aren’t so bad.

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