By: Ricky Fabrow

Aries: You shall either travel excessively or have some business with people who are farther away from your home. You might soon enter a period of financial and professional growth. It would also be a very good time to reassess your investments. Any Home Renovation or construction related projects will be high on your agenda.

Taurus: This December promises a lot of success and joy. Whatever job you do your income and efficiency will show great improvement and with romance in the air your beloved will seek commitment. Avoid agreeing so you can be a standing guaranteed for others, it would lead to embarrassment and legal problems. Matters relating to property will take shape during the month´s end and would prove to be positive. 

Gemini: A mysterious force of energy will help you in your need for many important projects without the assistance of anyone. You shall make more money than usual but also expected. There will be very distant travel overseas which will bring joy and happiness with a chance to reunite with an old relative or friend. Be careful with your partners or best friends.

Cancer: This December there will be very little time for socializing however you will enjoy the time you do spend with your family. You will have attracted many people with your creative ideas and will be known this month.

Leo: It is very likely that your income shall increase greatly this month from many things. The people you meet will inspire you to work harder and better. The health of near relatives and friends might cause some worry but will ultimately be nothing.

Virgo: You will take more actions for yourself rather than others and work far harder than before. You might have to travel a distance to find the true cause of your actions and purpose. Students this year will be very successful in their work.

Libra: You’ll be needing lots of comfort this month as you’ll go through an unfortunate series of events that will leave you feeling tired and sad, but a good friend by your side will always help the situation.

Scorpio: If you work somewhere, that place shall change during your time there not knowing if it will be good or bad until it is done, but in the end it will be much better for you. It would be very wise to save up for the month because something unexpected will happen that’ll cost you greatly.

Sagittarius: This December there shall be new opportunities from very unexpected moments. You will find success in many things as well as fairness in most things you will do. It is best to not look at any side of a situation but consider others viewpoints before deciding.

Capricorn: People will look at you for inspiration and make certain decisions. Your partners and colleagues will respect you greatly for carrying certain problems on your back for the team. There will be a jealous friend around so watch out.

Aquarius: There might be some accidental communication problems with friends. Be sure to always double check your work as you will have more wrong than you think. You will get great support from friends and family for any situation.

Pisces: You will enjoy meeting new people and visiting many places. You will be looked up upon the young so be careful with what you do and always try to be inspirational. You will get lots and lots of love.

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