Staff Spotlight

By: Jaelyn Morales

Mrs. Pippen


Mrs. Pippen has a very important role here at Pleasanton High School. For those who might not know, Mrs. Pippen is the registrar here at PHS, which means she is in charge of everything from report cards, progress reports, and grades to the records, enrolling and withdrawing students, and assisting parents when they need help. 

She started her job here at PHS in 2005 working in the Library, but 5 years later in 2010, she got a position working in the counselor’s office as the registrar. Since then she has been very busy helping every student in 9th-12th grade with things such as making their schedule for the school year, taking care of all the grades and GPAs, which are very important, and up keeping folders also known as PRC’s (every student has one) in a records room, which has records all the way back from the 1930’s and has to find them when a college or business is faxing them. After helping the students here at PHS, she now has to help the students who are either enrolling or withdrawing. She does this by contacting the other schools to get information, or for those withdrawing, she contacts the new school to make sure they’re going to school there and not being considered a dropout. 

This year has been a little more hectic for the staff at PHS because of Covid-19, but that did not stop them from working their hardest to give us students everything we need for this school year. “ I get a lot of help from the counseling department, we’re a great team and we enjoy working together,” Mrs. Pippen said, “We all get along and we get the job done.” Mrs. Pippen has done an outstanding job this year, as well as the other staff, and together they have exceeded in trying to make sure this school year goes great for everyone. Although this school year has been different from others, she’s still striving to help students, teachers, parents, and other staff members out, and that is why she deserves this month’s Staff Spotlight.

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