Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

By: Courtney Henson

Earlier this month, the Pleasanton Education Foundation began hosting a fundraiser to help support the students and staff of Pleasanton Independent School District. The Education Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports both the staff and the students of Pleasanton ISD. The foundation supports many different programs, including providing funds to encourage & improve innovative practices at all campuses and supporting students through scholarship opportunities to encourage & and support furthering education.

As this fundraiser begins across the school district, the student council club here at the high school organized the goals for the high school students to reach and the rewards that would come as a result. On Monday October 5, as the fundraiser began, the goal to meet was set at $3,000, with a reward of everyone getting to dress up on the day before Halloween. It was encouraged that every face to face learner donate $5, which would allow us to meet our goal. On October 13, the fundraiser was changed so that anyone who donated $3 got to dress up on the day before Halloween, and in the event that we reached the $3,000 goal, everyone would get to dress up. By walking around at lunch, encouraging each other, and the reward of dressing up in sight, the student council was able to collect a good amount of money from the student body. On Monday, October 13, the minimum donation required to be able to dress up was changed to $5 in hopes of reaching our $3,000 goal. 

As the fundraiser continues until the deadline on Thursday, October 29, we encourage you to donate so you can not only dress up on the day before Halloween but also support our school and the students all around you. Pride! Pride!

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