Ghost Story: Be A Doll, Would Ya?

By: Libby Sanchez

This story takes place in prime time Covid-19 during 2020, when the whole world is shut in from one another. Chloe, a victim of covid at the time, is without a doubt one of the biggest horror fans and would say 100% that Halloween was her favorite holiday. So you can imagine her disappointment when she tested positive and was forced to quarantine. Though it wasn’t as great as it usually was anyways because not many parents were letting their children trick-or-treat due to the virus. 

Chloe’s story begins with her being in the early stages of quarantine, already bored out of her mind but still wanting to get into the spooky feeling that comes this time of year. What other way to do that than by watching scary movies and paranormal youtube videos? One evening, she’d stumbled upon a corny looking video on youtube about a doll from eBay that looked like it had been shot from a little girl’s basement. Chloe, who was slowly feeling sicker by the hour, was just looking for a good laugh and decided to check it out. Immediately, a porcelain doll with blonde hair and bright blue eyes filled her laptop screen. The doll spoke in an old-english accent, but even people back then would’ve told you how forced her voice was.

“Hi-ya, my name is Margie.” Followed by a toe-curling cackle, the kind you only hear in horror movies. 

“You’re quite the gal, huh? A real catch.”

To which Chloe retaliated with her own laugh, thinking that whoever was on the other side of this video was trying way too hard to scare viewers. Though in her state, laughing led her to coughing, the painful kind too. Pausing the video to catch her breath and grab a glass of water from her kitchen, she returned to her laptop with a crushing feeling in her chest. Not thinking much of it because of the illness she tested positive for, she pressed play on the video again. 

“Poor little you, all cooped up like an animal. Must be lonely, I know how that is.”

Now that line struck a small chord with Chloe, it was odd how specific and fitting it was to her situation of being quarantined. But nothing too unnerving, many others were also quarantined during this pandemic, it could target anyone. Letting out a chuckle at her own paranoia, she indulged in another coughing fit. Deciding her cough wasn’t going to go away anytime soon unless she acted upon it, she left the video playing and went to her medicine cabinet to grab her cough syrup. Just as she was about to take her first dose of medicine, the doll, who had remained quiet and just stared through the screen as if it was watching her, finally spoke again.

“Ah-ah, the giggle water isn’t gonna help the lonely, sweetheart.”

Freezing in shock, Chloe dropped the bottle of medicine, leading its contents to pour all over the counter in front of her. Now that was too specific, the chances were too slim for that to be a coincidence. Deciding she’d had enough, Chloe slid her cursor over to the top right corner and was going to close the tab when her attention shifted to the doll one last time. Finding the doll with its head tilted upward and to the right, almost as if its eyes were following Chloe’s movements, was enough for her to continue her mission of closing the tab.

“Hey lady! Hey! Don’t you dare give me the silent treatment, we’re friends lady.”

Once again, Chloe froze in fear. Was it possible she was hallucinating? Was she really that sick? Margie sat silent on the screen with a wicked smirk upon her face. Allowing her eyes to scan the full screen, Chloe settled upon the account view. It was then that she felt her heart drop to her stomach, suddenly becoming nauseous. No subscribers. One view. Her view. 

Certain now that things were getting too creepy, Chloe closed the tab and turned on every light in her house before going to bed that night. Sleep didn’t come easy, it’s hard when the pit in your stomach keeps telling you you’re being watched, but eventually she felt her eyelids give way. She woke up the next morning and had convinced herself that she was dreaming or Covid-19 had gotten in her head. Laughing at her panic from the night before, Chloe went about another day of quarantine. 

It wasn’t until mid afternoon that day, that her doorbell rang. It was odd, she hadn’t ordered food and her friends and family knew she was sick and quarantining. 

“Who is it?” 

“It’s Margie, be a doll and open up the door, would ya?” The voice from the night before replied.

Chloe claims it was a rush of adrenaline and anger, thinking maybe someone was playing a prank on her, that made her open the door in a rush. Who would be cruel enough to play a trick like this on someone who’s sick? Upon seeing nobody on her porch, Chloe let out a huff and went to close the door, only a package was blocking the door from closing. Upset at her brain for playing tricks on her in broad daylight, she grabbed the box and brought it inside. She didn’t remember ordering anything recently, but maybe she’d forgotten or her mother had sent another random gift. Eager to know the answer, she ripped open the package. Only what she found wasn’t a gift. But instead the same blonde hair, the same blue eyes, and the same porcelain doll that was Margie, staring right at her. The fear could only be described by one word: paralyzing. Giving herself a while to process, Chloe once again decided this was all some big hoax and someone was probably getting a kick out of scaring her, so she walked the doll right out her front door and into her trash can.

Though, to this day she still tells herself it was all some big joke or hallucination, she still has doubts about her standpoint, and the toe-curling cackle she hears every night since then doesn’t do anything to prove her right.

Book Review: Ready Player One

By: Kristina Mertz

Ready Player One written by Ernest Cline and released in 2011 took the world by storm, kicking off as a New York Times Bestseller. Selling 1.7 million printed copies worldwide, it garnered an outstanding review of 4.2 out of 5 according to Good Reads.

This book combined Sci-Fi and fantasy to create a breathtaking new world that refreshes the soul with incredible originality. Reading this book was definitely a fun and invigorating experience that left me wanting more and more. This book was recommended by a friend and I must say, I highly recommend this novel. It had everything you could possibly ever want in a book, it had romance, action, comedy, and so much more. For those who don’t want too much romance in a book, there was a great balance between the various other elements presented in the book that allowed the romance to not remain the core focus. However, the romantic aspects contribute to the overall effect of the novel, making you want to follow Wade and Art3mis’s love story.

The novel truly sucked you into its interactive story, for fans of the eighties, this book is definitely for you. There were numerous references to the amazing decade from, the wide selection of John Hughes movies to The Iron Giant, all the way to Back to The Future. The novel also included the classic arcade games we all know and love, such as Pac-Man, Galaga, and Donkey Kong.

Because of the raving reviews, Ready Player One was adapted for the screen, which was directed by Steven Spielberg, a highly notable director. His most popular films include, Back to The Future, Jaws, and E.T. The movie is personally not my favorite, as I don’t believe it captures the essence of the book, however it’s a good movie to watch at least once. I highly recommend this book, it’s in the PHS Library, so be sure to get a copy!


Poem of the Month


“How Silently they tumble down

And come to rest upon the ground

To lay a carpet, rich and rare,

Beneath the trees without a care,

Content to sleep, their work well done,

Colors gleaming in the sun.

At other times, they wildly fly

Until they nearly reach the sky.

Twisting, turning through the air

Till all the trees stand stark and bare.

Exhausted, drop to earth below

To wait, like children, for the snow.”

By: Elise N. Brady

Colder weather is finally here only for the night right now, but as the days go on, the days and nights will get colder too. The leaves are starting to fall down  more, now that the wind has picked up. So, start raking the leaves for your grandparents for money.


Passionate Poet

Pumpkin Pie Recipe (Sweet Treat Article)

By: Autumn Webster


1 (15 Ounce) can pumpkin

1 (14 Ounce) can sweetened condensed milk

2 large eggs

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

½ teaspoon ground ginger

½ teaspoon salt

1 (9 inch) unbaked pie crust


Step One:

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F. Whisk pumpkin, sweetened condensed milk, eggs, spices and salt in a medium bowl until smooth. Pour into the crust. Bake for 15 minutes.

Step Two:

Reduce oven temperature to 350 degrees F and continue baking 35 to 40 minutes or until a knife inserted 1 inch from the crust comes out clean. Cool. Garnish as desired. Store leftovers covered in the refrigerator.

DIY Halloween Costume

By: Farah Standley

Many Halloween costumes can be expensive and hard to make, but worry no longer because today we are going to talk about some cool, cheap, and easy-to-make DIY Halloween costumes! The costume we are going to highlight in this article is the hilarious “Chick Magnet ” costume!

I don’t know about you, but I would absolutely love to spend my Halloween having fun in this fun show-stopper. I would definitely say that this is worth the time, and will be a great conversation with everyone! Here are a few simple steps to follow when making this costume:

  1. First, use cardboard and colored construction paper, or cut cloth to make the big magnet. 
  2. Then, with color, glue, or tape on the chicks. The photos demonstrate plastic, rubber, and cloth baby chicks as examples. 
  3. Lastly, use all black or all white clothes as a good background for the magnet. DRESSING CLASSY COULD GO BETTER WITH THE COSTUME!

List of materials:

  1. Cardboard or Cloth
  2. Any Glue
  3. Scissors
  4. Possibly Red and Grey Colored Paper
  5. All black or all white shirt and pants or fancy clothes
  6. Plastic, rubber, cloth, or any other material toy chicks


By: Ricky Fabrow

Aries: This month you’ll be able to show off your glory and success by smiling brightly in life and doing your best work in anything.

Taurus: This month will be all about relaxing and laying back. There won’t be much work to do and people will finally be leaving you alone for some well needed peace and quiet.

Gemini: There will be a lot of activities for you to talk about and do this month. From setting up decorations and using the aesthetic of the outside to please the eyes of your inside.

Cancer: This month you will be able to flow through life and enjoy its small details as your good deeds will be repaid with small yet sweet actions from others 

Leo: You´ll be beaming with energy as you race off into the day and weeks enjoying life for its beautiful scenery and people you are soon to meet 

Virgo: You will improve in whatever job or work related thing you are in and will blow everyone out of the water and get a much deserved reward

Libra: Evil will come your way but you will swiftly and quickly deal with it as soon as it happens and stop whatever negative forces happen.

Scorpio: You will be comforted and appreciated for what you have done for yourself and will improve on many things you have had trouble with in the past.

Sagittarius: Your uniqueness will let you make friends easier and not have to go through life alone as they will notice how different you are then the rest.

Capricorn: This month you won’t have to worry about the tons and tons of work that life throws at you but instead be a straight steady path of relaxing.

Aquarius: You’ll be able to open up to others and get the help that you deserve while also having some much needed fun along the way.

Pisces: This month you’ll be able to control your emotions and finally do the things you have wanted to do for a long time.

I felt a breeze, it’s Fall.

By: Libby Sanchez

Fall is pretty much everyone’s favorite time of the year. It’s the only time of the year that Texas has a decent idea of what kind of weather it wants for a while. Everyone is usually relieved to get rid of the scorching heat that comes with summer. Fall is the time when the cool breeze starts to set in and everyone can finally run around like they’re not about to pass out from a heat stroke. Stores have started selling pumpkins, pumpkin spices, cookies, and my most favorite, Halloween decorations. People are settling in with their goodies and getting ready for cool nights outside by the fire, the smell of fresh cookies, and scary movies. Or if you’re Wanish you’re raking leaves and jumping in them, which is so basic and gives off main character vibes but whatever. It’s the season that Disney channel starts replaying old Monstober movies, which brings back the best nostalgia. It’s the perfect time to go to a pumpkin patch with your friends and family, or even a corn maize to add to the spookiness of the season! 

Fall is known as the “Meteor Shower Season” across the northern hemisphere. Be on the lookout for shooting stars and multi-colored meteors almost every night this season. The color of a meteor depends on its chemical composition. Red usually consists of nitrogen/oxygen, blue consists of iron, purple is calcium, orange is sodium, and light blue is usually magnesium.  Below are some of the top five meteor shows to look for! Make the most out of this year’s fall season!

Draconids: 5-10 meteors/hour                           estimated peak nights: October 8 & 9

Orionids: 20 meteors/hour                                 estimated peak nights: October 21 & 22

Northern Taurids: 5 meteors/hour                      estimated peak nights: November 11 & 12

Leonids: 10-20 meteors/hour                             estimated peak nights: November 17 & 18

Geminids: 120+ meteors/hour                           estimated peak nights: December 13 & 14

Movie Review

By: Kristina Mertz

Marvel’s latest released movie, Shang- Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has rocked the theaters, totalling a whopping Rotten Tomatoes score of 92% with an audience score of 98%. This film has mainly been praised for its adventurous action fight scenes and incredible choreography, as well as it being the first Marvel movie to feature an Asian lead. One of the biggest reasons this movie has been anticipated is because it’s a new and fresh direction for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Directed by Destin Daniel Cretton, his most popular films include Short Term 12, Just Mercy, and The Glass Castle. Featuring Simu Liu as it’s main lead, he has a few acting credits, most notable include the CBC sitcom Kim’s Convenience, Taken, and a guest appearance on Fresh Off the Boat. This movie featured more well known actors and actresses as well such as Awkwafina, Ben Kingsley, and Michelle Yeoh. 

The cast gave a respectable impression that everyone worked together very well, which ultimately gave a beautiful performance that flowed together beyond adequately. The fact that Liu hasn’t been in many films adds to his uniqueness and leaves the audience wanting more of his performances in the future. 

However while there were multiple positive reviews, the film has received some negative input online. Due to the heavy reliance on CGI and special effects or graphics to tell the story, many were frustrated with the loss of the overall details of the film, more towards the plotline and story. This can also be compared to Marvel’s previous release, Black Widow, which critics also said that the graphics took away from the intimate family dynamic, which was the main focus of the movie. China has even gone as far as banning the movie from being released in their country. 

The storyline and plot of the story kept the audience hooked throughout, with numerous small and minor details to add to an overall well directed masterpiece. This is a great, one of a kind movie, that everyone should watch at least once.

Poem of the Month

September Light-


cool and dry

drifts down on a breeze

under a shade of trees. 

A subtle hint of change is near.


a fire in the wood

to warm the chill,

and ready yourself for the cold.

Autumn will soon be here.


a deep breath

again and again,

in just the same way as before.

By: Kiesha Shepard

The leaves are falling down the trees now and the weather is getting colder as the days go by. Soon you can drink hot chocolate in the morning because of how cold it gets during autumn. 


The Passionate Poet

DIY Halloween Costumes

By: Kristina Mertz

Halloween is more widely known for the candy, movies and the creepy aesthetic but today costumes will be the main focus. Halloween is a chance for people to get in touch with their creative side, as making costumes can be lots of fun.


Materials: Black and white face paint, White T-shirt and black tank top.

Instructions: Begin cutting horizontal holes on the left and right side into the black tank top with your scissors, make sure to cut horizontal holes left and right on the shirt, but be sure to not cut in the middle. Put the black tank top over the white shirt, and now you have the body. Next either by yourself or with assistance from a friend, paint your face white along with your lips black. Done!

“That’s none of my business” Kermit costume:

Materials: Light Green shirt, Scotch bonding strips, Sheet of green felt and finally a mini poster board

Instructions: Cut 3 wide triangles and 4 thinner and longer triangles out of the green felt. Next, use the scotch bonding tape to tape the felts onto the green shirt, after that you can write the quote “But that’s none of my business” onto the whiteboard to complete the old viral internet meme.

Happy Halloween!

True Crime XXII: The Plainfield Ghoul

By: Courtney Henson and Autumn Webster

Ed Gein was born on August 27, 1906 in La Crosse County, Wisconsin. His mother, Augusta Wilhelmine Gein and his father George Philip Gein soon picked up Ed and his older brother Henry George Gein, and moved to an isolated 155 acre farm in Plainfield, Wisconsin. During their time at the farm, Ed and Henry rarely left the house. Augusta was very religious and preached the impurity of the outside world. This led to the boys only leaving to go to school, still at school their mother made sure they never made friends. 

After roughly 30 years at the farm, Ed Gein’s father George died of heart failure caused by his alcoholism, at age 66 on April 1, 1940. After this, Ed and Henry began to take on odd jobs to take care of living expenses on the farm. After their fathers death, Henry worried about his brother’s attachment to their mother and often spoke ill of her around Ed, who responded with shock and hurt. On May 16, 1944, Henry and Ed were burning a pile of brush when the fire got out of hand. When things cleared up, Ed reported his brother missing. After a while, Henry was found lying face down, dead. The official cause of death was asphyxiation, no burns, but many bruises were found on Henry’s head. The police did not look into this. 

This death left Ed and his mother alone, shortly after Henry’s death his mother had a paralyzing stroke. Ed devoted all of this time to taking care of his mother. About a year later, after an incident with a woman neighbor, Augusta had another stroke. She died on December 29, 1945, at the age of 67. This devastated Ed. Over time, Ed’s obsession with his mother grew. He boarded up the rooms in the house she used and left all of her stuff untouched. 

Ed committed his first murder on the December 8th of 1954. After robbing Pine Grove Tavern, Ed shot and killed the owner, Mary Hogan. He brought her body home to the shed on his land.

On the Morning of November 16, 1957, a Plainfield store owner Bernice Worden went missing. After a substantial amount of evidence was uncovered against Ed, he was arrested by the Waushara County Sheriff’s Department. The department searched Ed’s house, where they discovered human bones, fingernails, human skin, along with many more gruesome human remains made into “souvenirs.” In a shed on Ed’s property, Bernice Worden’s decapitated body was found. He had shot and killed her. 

When interrogated Gein told investigators that between 1947 and 1952, he made as many as 40 visits to local graveyards to dig up recently buried bodies while he was in, what he referred to as, a “daze-like” state before returning home and dismembering the bodies. Ed also said that one roughly 30 of these visits he broke out of this daze like state and returned home empty handed. The bodies Ed made it home with, often were middle-aged women who resembled his mother. While being interrogated, Gein admitted to killing Mary Hogan, but later denied knowing the details. 

During questioning, Waushara County Sheriff, Art Schley, reportedly assaulted Gein by banging his head and face into a brick wall. As a result, Gein’s initial confession was ruled inadmissible. Schley died before Gein’s trial.

On November 21st, 1957, Ed was brought to court on one court of first degree murder in Waushara County. Ed pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. Ed was soon diagnosed with schizophrenia and found mentally imcompetent making him unfit for trial. He was then sent to The Central State Hospital For The Criminally Insane, and later transferred to The Mendota State Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin. He stayed here for about 10 years. 

In 1968, doctors decided that Ed was “mentally able to confer with counsel and participate in his defense.” This led to another trial which began on November 7, 1968, and lasted a mere one week. 

By request of Ed and defense the trial was held without a jury present. Judge Robert H. Gollmar found Ed guilty of killing Bernice Worden. He also admitted to killing Mary Hogan. A second trial for determining Ed’s sanity found him “not guilty by reason of insanity” and ordered Ed to Central State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Ed spent the rest of his life in a mental hospital.

Ed died in the Mendota Mental Hospital due to respiratory failure and lung cancer on  July 26, 1984, at the age of 77. Ed is buried beside his parents and his brother Henry. 

Ice Cream Tacos

By: Noah Ramos


  • 10 Frozen waffles (Waffle cones optional)
  • 3 cups of vanilla ice cream 
  • ½ cup chocolate syrup 
  • 10 Maraschino cherries 
  • Whipped cream & sprinkles (nuts optional)


  1. Lay the frozen waffles flat on a cookie sheet and allow to thaw, around 10 mins. Form the waffles into a taco shape and fit together side-by-side in a 9 x 13 baking dish.
  2. Fill each taco with vanilla ice cream evenly before adding a drizzle of chocolate syrup then freeze until firm.
  3. Top each with whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry. Now keep frozen, and allow tacos to sit for 5 minutes before ready to serve.

Poem of the Month

Silence is beauty 


the silence before the sound 

is a quiet envelope between

the now and the after

your last moment of 


before the sowing 

of whatever



comes next

By: Unknown

School is back and homework has already hit some of us at school. Sports have also already started for many kids and coaches. So remember to take breaks and to not overwhelm yourself and do what you like in order to relax and calm yourself down. 


Passionate Poet


By: Brian Avery and Courtney Henson

Aquarius (January 20- February 18)- You overthink yourself a lot, but you are stronger than you think. Keep pushing, and make sure to try new things along the way. It will turn out better than you think.

Lucky Number: 31

Compatible with: Taurus

Pisces (February 19- March 20)- You will see something differently than the people around you. Remember it, and use your vision to better the situation around you.

Lucky Number: 46

Compatible with: Scorpio

Aries (March 21- April 19)- Revisit some joys from your childhood. They might make you happy once again.

Lucky Number: 39

Compatible with: Capricorn

Taurus (April 20- May 20)- Reflect on yourself, and see how far you have come. Now, look forward, and dream about how far you can go.

Lucky Number: 60

Compatible with: Aquarius

Gemini (May 21- June 20)- Try breaking an old habit of yours, and replacing it with another habit. See how well you do.

Lucky Number: 87

Compatible with: Libra

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)-Make sure you appreciate those you rely on. They need it more then you think.

Lucky Number: 36

Compatible with: Leo

Leo (July 23 – August 22)- Stand out this month and start leading. You will be surprised how many people will seek your guidance.

Lucky Number: 1

Compatible with: Cancer

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)- Remember not to judge a book by its cover. You may be 

shocked what the results yield.

Lucky Number: 71

Compatible with: Sagittarius

Libra (September 23- October 22)- Be impulsive this month. Make that new purchase, talk to the quiet one in your class, and try not to think too much.

Lucky Number: 59

Compatible with: Gemini

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)- You need to relax, and stop worrying about every little happening around you. Take a while to breathe, re-focus, and better yourself.

Lucky Number: 18

Compatible with: Pisces

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)- This is the month to finish all those projects you have been procrastinating on, no more waiting. 

Lucky Number: 15

Compatible with: Virgo

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)- Spend time with the ones you love most this month. They miss you.

Lucky Number: 82

Compatible with: Aries

Progressing In Pride

By: Eileen Jaksik

Flag for Pride Month.

Pride Month is a month dedicated to those who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. The month of June is completely dedicated to those who celebrate pride. There are many celebrations to show appreciation to pride, such as rallies, marches, commemorations, community days, dance parties, and festivals.Pride month is celebrated in the United states to remember the Stonewall riots. The Stonewall riots occurred at the end of June 1969. Many pride related parades and marches were created as a result of the Stonewall riots. June was declared Pride Month in 1999-2000 and has been celebrated every year since then. Since pride month became a national celebration more and more things became legalized and available to the LGBTQ+ community. Same sex marriage became legal in 2015 and same sex adoption became legal in 2016 in the United States.

As a result people started to become more comfortable with coming out with their sexuality. Large amounts of bullying are still seen, and there are still a lot of people being treated differently. An anonymous contributor said “I’ve definitely been treated differently in high school. There’s been times I’ve felt very uncomfortable by other students and teachers.”, but as time goes on, the amount of bullying for same sex relationships is decreasing.
If you would like to support the LGBTQ+ community there are many opportunities to do so, including events even here in San Antonio, Texas. Show support and show the community that it is okay to not be ashamed of your sexuality.

Transitioning from High School to the Real World

By: Wanish Tortes McGinnis

People of all kinds in the work force.

As one transitions from high school to “life after high school,” here are some recommendations that one can tweak to their own version of “Life 101”. Many high school students are used to being the “big fish in the little pond.” After graduation, and as they enter college or trade school, they find themselves the “little fish in the big ocean.” It’s important to make new acquaintances.  Don’t be afraid to get to know others; they may have the connections you need for the future. 

First, it’s probably best not to take a break after high school before attending college or a trade school. If you have been given advice from family and friends, take it with an open mind, say thank you, and consider all avenues for your success. Internships and volunteer service in the field in which you are interested can help to guide you in your decisions. When you enroll in classes, get your general education requirements done first. Go to EVERY class in your schedule, even on Fridays. Give it your best effort; strive to get an “A” in the course. If you are shy or don’t really know people in your class, ask to join a study group that meets your style of study; the best groups are the ones that meet at the library in a quiet study room. 

When you get your schedule, make sure you have enough funds to purchase your books. Most books will be anywhere from 100 dollars and up, depending on your course of study. You will also need notebooks, blue books for tests, binders, and notebook paper. Add to that list a calendar and organizer. If you are lucky, you will have received a laptop or computer somewhere in high school, or as late as graduation. 

Developing a good financial history with your bank and the people you do business with will give you financial freedom. Stay away from any junk mail that offers you credit cards. Get a debit card at the bank where you deposit any money from paychecks or gifts of money. Have a savings account, as well as a checking account. Use cash when you can, and keep to your budget that you will set up. If you have a part-time job, your paycheck needs to be divided up in the following ways: 10% of the total goes to savings. 15% of the total goes to your church or a charity of your choice. The rest will need to be budgeted for groceries for two weeks,  the laundromat (unless mom will let you use her washer/dryer!), which will cost about $20 per week, and extras (movie, occasional meal out). Don’t eat out too much; put money aside to treat yourself or yourself and a friend during the month. Buy what you need, not what you want. If you want a bigger TV, then put money aside to save up for the TV. Do not buy anything on “time”, unless it’s an appliance you need, and then pay it off early.

It’s okay to be unsure or nervous about the next steps- just keep moving forward. You may change your mind a hundred times before you land where you are meant to be, but when you get there your heart will tell you. If your choice of major is not what you had planned it to be, see if there is a similar type of job in the same area, or change your major. Many students will start out in their field of choice, and within a couple of years, change to a similar or different major. 

If you’re looking for an easy transition from school into the workforce, you likely already have a few job and career ideas in mind. However, not all careers are the same in terms of earning potential, entry-level position availability, and so on. If you’ve taken CTE (career technical education) courses or have significant work experience, you’re likely headed down a particular track already. If you have some hobbies or passions that you can make money from doing after high school, look into those options. There are several possibilities when it comes to transitioning from high school to a career, and here we look at some of the best options for students who wish to go this route. 

Some 30 percent of this year’s three million graduating seniors will not go straight to college or a trade school,  a number that is increasing as the economy becomes inflated. More graduates are finding that going to work out of high school may be financially more secure such as working retail, auto shops, restaurants, family businesses, or construction, so they can put money away since some of these graduates are on the less profitable side of the vast economic and cultural divide that is demarcated by a college degree. 

True Crime Vol. XXI: The Attic Man

By: Courtney Henson

Otto Sanhuber

During the 1920s, women were known for taking back their own love lives. When she was just 17, Dolly Korschel met Fred Oesterreich and they quickly got married. But for young Dolly, this did not get in her way of having a wildly active love life. The couple lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where Fred worked very successfully at a local factory. This very factory is where Dolly and Otto Sanhuber first laid eyes on each other. When she saw that Sanhuber was fixing sewing machines at the factory, Dolly demanded that her husband send him to their house to fix her sewing machine. Dolly was 33 while Sanhuber was 17. When Sanhuber showed up, Dolly was wearing nothing but a silk robe and stockings. This was the beginning of an intense affair and the ultimate death of Fred Oesterreich.

After months of the affair between Dolly and Sanhuber, neighbors began to get suspicious of the unknown man showing up pretty often. The best solution Dolly could think of was to move Sanhuber into the couple’s attic. Sanhuber agreed and quit his job at the factory to devote all of his time to Dolly. This arrangement meant that Sanhuber couldn’t leave the house because it might result in him being seen. Sanhuber spent the days with Dolly and helping around the house, and the nights reading and writing fiction stories by candlelight. 

For 5 years the affair continued like this, until 1918 when Fred decided to move to Los Angeles. Although this could have caused complications, Dolly worked around it.  She found a house with an attic and sent Sanhuber to settle in before the Oesterreichs got there. For 4 more years, life continued for the group with the same routine as in Wisconsin..

On August 22, 1922, Sanhuber overheard Fred and Dolly fighting and emerged from the attic. He burst into the room where the Oesterreichs were fighting, and noticed that Fred was holding two pistols. Fred recognized Sanhuber from the factory and became very angry and the two began to physically fight. Fred was shot, Dolly and Sanhuber panicked. Sanhuber locked Dolly into the closet and retreated into the attic with the key and the guns, Dolly would have an alibi and Sanhuber would be invisible. Dolly told police it was a robbery gone wrong. 

After the ordeal died down, Dolly found and moved into a new house. One would assume that she and Otto could eventually bring their relationship into the open, allowing Otto to have a normal life. But instead, when Dolly moved, Sanhuber, once again, took up residence in her attic. While Sanhuber wrote more stories, Dolly got herself yet another lover. Local lawyer Herman S. Shapiro became Dolly’s fixations, but Shapiro worked long hours and this would not satisfy Dolly. Enter Roy Klumb, another lover to keep Dolly entertained, but Klumb might have been used simply to rid Dolly of the guns. Klumb ditched one gun in a tar pit, while a neighbor of Dollys buried the other. 

When Dolly broke up with Klumb, he recovered the guns and went to the police with the story. Neither gun could be tied to her because of corrosion. While Dolly was in jail, Shapiro discovered Sanhuber, but this was not a deal breaker for Shapiro. After many years of living in the attic Sanhuber was told to get lost, and Shapiro moved into the house. All charges against Dolly were dropped. Sanhuber finally escaped after living in Dolly’s attic for over 10 years.

Seven years later, Dolly and Shapiro broke up and Shapiro went to police with everything he knew. Warrants were put out for Dolly and Sanhuber. The jury found Sanhuber guilty of manslaughter. Nevertheless, the statute of limitations on the manslaughter had run out, and Sanhuber was released. Dolly died in 1961 at age 80, hopefully having learned a thing or two about relationships.

Dolly and Fred Oesterreich


By: Ricky Fabrow

Aries: Taking care of people is hard work which is why this month you should try to take care of yourself instead of working yourself to the breaking point. Relax and be carefree just focus on yourself.

Taurus: You have a certain charm to you and that charm will shine this month. There will be many chances your charm will work on others and will allow you to get out of trouble.

Gemini: For the rest of June you should relax and be calm in order to let your creative and peaceful thoughts flow through your mind. You should let those creative thoughts roll wild and do what best artistic things you do best.

Cancer: You should trust your instincts and yourself as a whole because you will be making very important choices for yourself. Many people will question and test, but it is you who must stay true to yourself.

Leo: This month may make you feel more cool and relaxed. There won’t be much stress or sadness when it comes to what will happen these past many days.

Virgo: Job careers and opportunities will come soon and will allow you to follow what you want to do with your dreams.  

Libra: Your days will be peaceful and there will be no fighting or bad days. You will finally be able to relax and not stress over situations. 

Scorpio: This month, whatever project you’re working on will be finished or improved on greatly by the end or middle of the month.

Sagittarius: Teamwork will be the best choice for whatever you’ll be doing this month. From projects to jobs, being part of a team or getting help will help you succeed.

Capricorn: You will be called to use your imagination and creativity for work and your own enjoyment. There will be multiple opportunities that shall show up.

Aquarius: It’s time to forgive the people and forget the bad things that have happened, this month is all about making sure you have no enemies nor disliked people in your life so you can enjoy life without worrying about the bad people making it worse.

Pisces: You will get interested more in the history of how you became the person you are today and look back upon your greatest and worst moments to see if you’ve become a better person than you were years ago

The Final Poll of the Month… Until Next Year That Is…

What Are You Going to Do After High School?

By: Dillon Myers

There are many options as to what to do and be after high school. Leaving high school is the start of a new chapter, full of new beginnings and new friends. New beginnings usually involve new activities and/or jobs, such as working at Whataburger, joining the Air Force, or going to Baylor University. Of course, you can always just be a bum on the streets or in your parents’ basement, though we don’t recommend it. (Anyway) Here in journalism, we got curious as to what you were planning on doing after you leave PHS… The results are shown below.

Good choices!

My dear readers, dear Journalism class, and dear… anyone else who happens to be reading this, God bless you and have a great rest of your life.

Cake Pops

By: Ariana Johnson


  • 1 (15.25 ounce) package yellow cake mix
  • 1 cup water
  • 3 eggs 
  • ½ cup vegetable oil
  • 1 (16 ounce) package prepared chocolate frosting
  • 18 lollipop sticks
  • 1 (14 ounce) bag chocolate candy melts
  • 1 (.75 ounce) tube decorating icing 
  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit. Grease a 9×13-inch baking dish.
  2. Beat cake mix, eggs, and oil in a bowl using an electric mixer on low speed for 30 seconds. Increase the speed to medium and beat for an additional  2 minutes. Pour batter into the prepared baking dish.
  3. Bake in a preheated oven, 28 to 33 minutes. Cool completely, at least 1 hour.
  4. Crumble cake into a large bowl. Stir frosting into cake crumbles until mixture is sticky but not too smooth. Chill in the refrigerator, at least 30 minutes.
  5. Roll cake mixture into 1 ½-inch balls and arrange on a baking sheet. Place 1 lollipop stick into each ball
  6. Melt about ¼ cup chocolate candy melts in a microwave-safe bowl for about 20 seconds in the microwave. Dip each cake pop in the melted chocolate. Repeat melting chocolate and dipping remaining cake pops. Decorate pops with decorating icing.

Riddles and Brain Teasers!

By: Dillon Myers

A red house is made from red bricks. A blue house is made from blue bricks. A yellow house is made from yellow bricks. What is a green house made from?

#27 in 

Why is the letter F like death?

#28 in 

A man describes his daughters, saying, “They are all blonde, but two; all brunette but two; and all redheaded but two.” How many daughters does he have?

#29 in 

If you have a 7-minute hourglass and an 11-minute hourglass, how can you boil an egg in exactly 15 minutes?

#30 in 

How far can a squirrel run into the woods?

#31 in 

During which month do people sleep the least?

#37 in 

Put a coin into an empty bottle and insert a cork into the neck. How can you remove the coin without removing the cork or breaking the bottle? 

#44 in 

I have a large money box, 10 inches wide, and 5 inches tall.  Roughly how many coins can I place until my money box is no longer empty?

#46 in 

What do an island and the letter “t” have in common?

#47 in 

What is unusual about the following words: revive, banana, grammar, voodoo, assess, potato, dresser, uneven?

#48 in 

How can a man who shaves several times a day still sport a long beard?

#49 in 

An elevator is on the ground floor. There are five people in the elevator including me. When the lift reaches the first floor, one person gets out and two people get in. The lift goes up to the second floor, three people get out, five people get in. It then goes up to the next floor up, no-one gets out but 12 people get in. Halfway up to the next floor up the elevator cable snaps, it crashes to the floor. Everyone else dies in the elevator except me. How did I survive?

#53 in 

What 4-letter word can be written forward, backward or upside down, and can still be read from left to right?

#56 in 

Bonus Riddles:

What is the question you can ask all day, get different answers for the same, and they would still be correct?

#4 in 

Two fathers and two sons go fishing. Each of them catches one fish each. So, why do they bring home only three fish?

#5 in 

Poem of the Month


¨It’s so amazing 

What a little word can do-

It fills the heart

With warmth and love

That lasts a lifetime through.

Happy Mother’s Day¨

By: Unknown

It’s the last poem of the 2021 school year and even though mother’s day passed, you should still say that you appreciate her and all of the things that she does for you. I hope y’all have a great summer and see y’all next year. Good luck out there seniors.


The Passionate Poet


By: Adriana Clark

Saturday May 1st from 8pm-12am (midnight) is the junior/senior Great Gatsby themed prom. The colors are black and gold. Prom will be held at The Espee Sunset Room, formerly known as Sunset Station, downtown near the Riverwalk. The music and photo booth will be provided by Bring It! Productions and the appetizers will be provided by, Tim the Girl Catering. Friendly reminder to please read the dress code and contract before attending prom and do not forget to wear a mask. 

Restaurant recommendations:

Brooks City Base

Chaba Thai Restaurant

54th Street Restaurant & Drafthouse

Chili’s Grill & Bar

LA Crawfish

1917 Restaurant 

 Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

The Longhorn Cafe

McAlister’s Deli 

Armadillos Texas Style Burgers

Texas Roadhouse

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Bar-B-Q Republic

Las Palapas


Stella Public House 

Mi Tierra Cafe y Panaderia 

Rainforest Cafe 

Rita’s On the River 

The Original Mexican Restaurant

Casa Rio

Margaritaville Restaurant

The Republic of Texas Restaurant


Joe’s Crab Shack 

Rio RIo Cantina

Yard House

Biga on the Banks 

Boudro’s on the Riverwalk

Hard Rock Cafe


Saltgrass Steak House

Cafe Ole

Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse 

The County Line 

Landry’s Seafood House

Sushi Zushi 

The Pearl District 

Down On Grayson 

Josephine Street

Earl Abel’s

La Gloria

Your Life, Your Responsibility

By: Kristina Mertz

Students who attend high school are under the direction and guidance of teachers along with parents. This means students haven’t really had time to grow, especially when teachers choose to provide every last chance in order for a student to complete their work. Everybody has heard the saying, “You Only Live Once,” but nobody has added the saying “Your life is your responsibility.” Yes you may only live once, but only you are responsible for your life. Students can’t rely on teachers and parents to guide them through everything in life, when the mistakes they make are going to give them experience and the courage to try new things. This also means teachers need to let students fail when they choose to not participate and do the work. When teachers allow students the room to fail, it gives students the feeling of what it really means to fail, that way they can take responsibility and say, “I failed and it’s on me.” It’s sometimes harder for students to accept failure later in life, because they never had the experience of actually failing. This allows students to enable themselves to try better and put in more effort for the next assignment and their future. Only you know what you want in life, and it’s only you that can get you to where you need to be in life. However, asking for help is never a weakness, accepting the help you need is one of the bravest things a person can do. This just means you can’t rely on people for the rest of your life to do the things you’re responsible for. Take this as an opportunity to take initiative and responsibility for your life.