By: River Reyes

Photo taken to commemorate the JPA inspection

This month the Pleasanton Highschool Eagle Battalion participated in the JPA (JROTC Program for Accreditation) Evaluation. The JPA Evaluation is designed to evaluate the JROTC program to see how well it is following the minimum program criteria.
Select Cadets were chosen to participate, creating portfolios that detailed their experience within the JROTC program. The Staff created several slides detailing the Battalion’s current state. The inspection would also extend to involve our principal (Ms. Guajardo) and superintendent (Dr. Mann). The Pleasanton Highschool Eagle Battalion performed extremely well, achieving the highest award – The Honor Unit with Distinction.
Following up last month, the Eagle Battalion held a Cadet of the month board as well as a Noncommissioned Officer of the month board. The winners of these boards were Cadet Pvt. Courtney Cearley and Cadet SSG. River Reyes from Bravo Company.

The month of February was a very exciting and productive month for the Eagle Battalion and we hope to keep the effort up for the rest of the school year.


By: Adelena Vera

The beautiful venue!

The annual Pleasanton High School Junior and Senior prom will now be held on May 1st at the Espee. The Espee was formerly known as Sunset Station and is located by the riverwalk in San Antonio. The change of venue will now allow seniors and juniors to invite a guest, either any underclassmen or someone from another town. The prom committee, junior and senior class officers, and Mrs. Guajardo have estimated that ticket prices will be about $40 and will be available after spring break, around March. The theme (The Great Gatsby), dress code guidelines, and the mask mandate has remained the same and is still in effect.

Student Spotlight

By: Libby Sanchez

Frank Alaquinez is a freshman this year at PHS and is a member of the class of 2024. Frank was recommended by Coach Salinas, who states,“It’s rare to find students who understand the responsibility it takes to be a successful student-athlete. Frank has done just that, and he’s only a Freshman. He gets along with all his peers, he’s willing to tutor if other students need help, and he’s very positive with the other kids he interacts with. He is just a great student to have in class and I’m proud to be his math teacher this year.” 

Frank’s favorite subjects in school are algebra and principles of law. “I’ve always wanted to be a private investigator, there’ve been other careers that sound cool, but this one has always been there and sounds like the most fitting for me” Frank said. 

In Jr. High, Frank played sports such as soccer, football, and basketball. Outside of school, Frank played baseball for two years with a club team. Although he loved playing all of these sports, he decided to focus on playing just baseball in high school. “They were fun and I enjoyed the experience they brought, but baseball stood out to me the most,” Frank stated. Even with Covid-19 still complicating things, Frank is overjoyed to be able to have his freshman baseball season with this year’s team. 

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Williams

By: Kristina Mertz

Mrs. Williams is a prominent educator, leader, and role model here at PHS who changes lives daily. Simon Karsky, a junior, states “As a teacher, she continues to remind me of the work that needs to be done and the fact that I need to study more. She continues to post notes in Classroom that I can use as resources later.” She has been teaching here for 21 years, and has always been a Social Studies teacher. Her first year here she taught Geography and then World History along with Honors courses. She then eventually moved into teaching US History, and this is currently her fourth year here teaching AP. 

She attended and graduated from UTSA and did her basics at Palo Alto, where she received her masters degree in history. “I started college right after I graduated but, then life got in the way… We moved out of state and then stuff happened, so I didn’t really go back to college until after I was married and had two children… That was a big challenge, you know having to juggle family and work and going back to school, so I started teaching a little later than most people.”

Mrs. Williams has always known from a young age that she wanted to be a teacher, “When I was in the 8th grade I had an American History teacher who was fabulous. That was also the year we did a trip to Washington DC for the first time… I fell in love with it, it is actually one of my most favorite places to visit… I don’t even know how many times I’ve been, but I love it… that experience just kind of cemented it.. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do was teach history.”

“I love PHS, in fact I’m a graduate from PHS… I left a 6A school in San Antonio my senior year to come to school here.. it was even smaller here, there wasn’t AC, you had to have the window units and it was like old school Pleasanton… the cafeteria was the auditorium and the art rooms, that was the cafeteria. You know so crazy it was so different… no science wing the science wing was in the 400 hallway…I met Mr. Brown, he was the principle at the time… he personally took myself and my younger brother around and showed us the school, we got to sit in classes and I loved it, I loved the atmosphere, I loved the personal feeling you got with the teachers and administration.”

While teaching here she has been involved in many activities “I am the UIL coordinator which means I oversee all of the UIL academic events. I schedule us going to different events, meets and competitions. I help Ms. Rodriguez with getting One Act Play organized. In light of COVID, we don’t have much going on right now. For about 8 years I was the pacesetter director… before me, it was Ms. Olivarri and she was stepping down, so the assistant principal talked to me and then I accepted and took over. I had them for about 8 years so my daughter grew up with the pacesetters as well.”

One of her biggest pieces of advice is “When you’re in high school and there’s so much else going on, what your doing here maybe doesn’t seem that important, but truly the lessons and the skills that you learn here in high school: the time management, your relationship building skills, all of those things are so, so important whenever you move out of the high school arena… For those people who are going off to college, being able to be independent, being able to manage your time, being able to know that you have something to study and how to study for it, are skills that are gonna be so important. Even those people that aren’t gonna go to college or do other things, go straight into the business world, go to a tech school, having those skills that you learn here in high school, they’re gonna serve you well outside of high school.” 

Mrs. Williams will always be remembered for the endless amount of dedication and effort she has put into students and PHS as a whole. Thank you Mrs. Williams for all that you do!

Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Hardy

By: Gabby Palacios

Mrs. Hardy pictured hard at work in her office.

Though most PHS students have heard the name “Mrs. Hardy,” unless you are a student with the last name beginning with the letters N through Z, you may have never gotten the privilege of speaking with or even seeing her in person. Still, Mrs. Hardy’s hard work and dedication to our campus and students does not go unnoticed.

Mrs. Hardy attended Jourdanton High School which has proven to be a very different experience from PHS. She explained, ¨Of course, attending high school and being able to look back on it afterward is very different, but Jourdanton is much much smaller than Pleasanton… Growing up, Pleasanton was almost kind of our rival so it was kind of weird to come work here but it’s been a lot of fun,” she explained.

After graduating high school in 1992, she decided to apply to Texas A&M University. She was, unfortunately, rejected. “…At the time I was very embarrassed about [it] but now I’m really kind of proud of and open about it… I applied for A&M and I did not get in… So I kinda had to figure out things because I always thought that was where I wanted to go.” 

 It was this that allowed her to make the life-changing decision to attend Palo Alto. She stated, “The best thing that happened to me was that I went to Palo Alto. The absolute best thing I did was going there. I went there and it was nice and small. I was able to just commute from home. Which was really nice because we saved a ton of money… My parents were both educators in Jourdanton so that helped us a ton… Palo Alto was never intimidating to me, I was always comfortable there. I had friends that were there. It was kind of just like a continuation of high school.” Even though her plans dramatically changed, Mrs. Hardy stayed positive throughout this time, made the absolute best of her situation, and, in the end, grew from and enjoyed her time at Palo Alto.

After a year spent at Palo Alto, she then transferred to Texas State University for one year. Two years after she first applied to TAMU, she decided she wanted to give it another shot. “After I finished at Palo Alto I decided to go to what is now called Texas State, at the time it was called Southwest Texas. I went there for a year and then I decided that If I never tried A&M again I would always regret it… I applied and got in… and finished the rest of my time at A&M.”

After graduating from A&M College Station in 1996 with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, now referred to as Education, she took her first job here at PHS as an Aerie Lab teacher. Her next job came a short year later at McDowell (Hondo) Middle School where she ran a computer lab. Though she did enjoy the school, she wanted to be able to work hand in hand with students and be able to build the connection with those she was teaching. She remained in Hondo for two years before an opening at PJH came up and she excitedly applied.

It was here (2000) that she worked with students who struggled academically with English and mathematics. Mrs. Hardy enjoyed being able to work with and learn alongside her students. “The first time I ever bought a car, my class helped me. We had a lesson on it. We talked about interest rates and we talked about taxes and all of those things so being able to incorporate real life into the things the kids were learning helped them so much and kept me inspired and wanting to go and do more for them,” she expressed. While she taught at the junior high school, she studied for her Master’s Degree with A&M Kingsville.

At this point, she decided she was ready to take on the job of a counselor and worked at Somerset High School. She spent a short year and a half here when she realized her heart was here at PHS. In the middle of the school year, she applied for a position as a councilor and has been here ever since.

Despite the many jobs and wild rides she has experienced in her lifetime, Mrs. Hardy has enjoyed her time at PHS and hopes to stay right where she is for years to come. She enjoys the unpredictability of the job and the fact that she still gets to work hands-on with students. After her time to retire has come, she hopes to continue to help others as part of a crisis response team.

Though most of her work is done behind the scenes, Mrs. Hardy has a huge impact on our campus life. She has a true passion for helping others and educating students, shown by her years of experience and her goals for the future. Thank you, Mrs. Hardy, for all of your hard work and support for PHS.

Pride Pride!


By: Adelena Vera

This years theme!

Pleasanton High School’s annual prom has been moved to May 1st at the Espee. Due to capacity limitations and covid rules in Bexar county, the prom committee, junior and senior class officers, and Mrs. Guajardo have agreed that moving it would be a wise decision. While only 250 people would be allowed in the Las Fuentes Banquet Hall, the Espee will instead authorize 450 people. Ticket prices are still undecided and will be determined at a date closer to prom. 


Take Center Stage

By: Jaelyn Morales

Some of the members that made area and region are pictured with their instruments.

All Region and Area Band is a competition where students go through an audition process that involves hundreds who have all been preparing and rehearsing for this moment. For the audition, the students would normally travel to the event and perform their music pieces in front of judges, but this year will be a little different. Instead of going to the competition, students will be sending in a recording of themselves performing to be judged and scored. Even with this alteration, it won’t prevent students from performing to their best ability.

The students who competed and qualified for All Region Band are Jadelyn Garcia (6th chair flute), Abigail Perez (4th chair flute), Michael Delgado (1st chair oboe), Austin King (1st chair bassoon), Matthew Smith (2nd chair bassoon), Savannah Clark (1st chair alto clarinet), Shyanne Tijerina (2nd chair alto clarinet), Ricardo Alegria (3rd chair bass clarinet), Mya Cashiola (5th chair bass clarinet), Arecely Estrada (1st chair contrabass clarinet), Reese Decker (8th chair trumpet), Evelynn Caraway (4th chair horn), Kristina Mertz (5th chair horn), Toby Bird (3rd chair horn), Rylee Beddo (1st chair string bass), and Addyson Dority (12th chair percussion).

The students who competed and qualified for Area Band are Michael Delgado (1st chair oboe), Austin King (1st chair bassoon), Matthew Smith (2nd chair bassoon), Savannah Clark (1st chair alto clarinet), Shyanne Tijerina (2nd chair alto clarinet), Ricardo Alegria (3rd chair bass clarinet), Mya Cashiola (5th chair bass clarinet), Aracely Estrada (1st chair contrabass clarinet), Reese Decker (8th chair trumpet), Evelynn Caraway (4th chair horn), Kristina Mertz (5th chair horn), and Rylee Beddo (1st chair string bass). 

“I am very proud of their achievements this year,” Mr. Solis said, “They have done a very great job and I am happy with our turnouts.” Unfortunately, no students made it into the All State Band, but Michael Delgado (1st chair oboe) was chosen as an alternate and was very close to making it. Mr. Solis is hoping next year will be better and the students who are coming back continue on to the state level.

A Great Day For BPA

By: Courtney Henson

The Pleasanton BPA team prepares to participate in the 2020-2021 regional competition. (Mask off for picture only)

On January 23, the Pleasanton Business Professionals of America (BPA) took part in the 2020-2021 regional competition. Although the competition was held virtually, it did not pose an obstacle to the club members. Any projects or presentations had to be pre- recorded and submitted by Monday January 18. The competing members of the club including, Senior Alizay Haren, Juniors Brandi Barnett, Ashlyn Vera, Adyson Brymer, Lauren Trapp, and Connor George, Sophomores Alexis Ramos, Jazmin Bernal, Courtney Henson, and Ricardo Ramirez, Thang Nguyen and Freshmen Alexandria Balderes, Preston Pilgrim, and Marisol Villarreal, had to show up at the school dressed in business professional attire.

After many hours of presentations and testing, grading and judging began as contestants headed home. On Sunday 24 results were announced and Pleasanton did amazing. The results are as follows: Getting 1st place in the Presentation Management Team was Brandi Barnett, Adyson Brymer, Lauren Trapp, Ashlyn Vera. The Video Production Team consisting of Conner George, Thang Nguyen, Ricardo Ramirez received 1st place. Alizay Haren competed in Health Leadership Topics and got 1st place. Receiving 2nd place in Banking and Finance was Preston Pilgrim. 2nd place competing in Prepared Speech was Alexis Ramos. Jazmin Bernal got 3rd place in Health Administration Procedures. Receiving 4th place in Basic Office Systems and Procedures was Marisol Villarreal. Alexandria Banderas as a state alternate in Extemporaneous Speech and Courtney Henson as a state alternate in Fundamentals of Word Processing.

Student Spotlight

By: Ricky Fabrow 

This student spotlight is about a very unique and hard working gal named Emma Poorboy. She’s an online learner and prefers to work at home as it is easier and quieter than school is and would rather stay there than go back. She works hard and gets every assignment that’s thrown her way done and knows when to ask for help when she needs it. She does what she does in order to pursue her career in babysitting as she does like kids.

Two of her teachers have said some very nice things about her:

“She consistently turns in her assignments, asks questions, and reaches out to teachers if she needs help.  She is very concerned about her grades and makes sure that she communicates effectively with her mom and the teachers to get the best grade.”  -Ms. Flores

“She is a very hardworking young girl. Always reaches out when she has a question either about content or assignments. She always comes to our Zoom meetings and has turned in all assignments. She is a wonderful young lady that I enjoy having in my class.” -Ms. Infante

Teacher Spotlight

By: Jaelyn Morales

Ms. Infante is a teacher here at Pleasanton High School. This is her first year teaching at Pleasanton and she has already made a big impact on the students here. She teaches both World History and World Geography. Ms. Infante always has a bright smile on her face and even with a mask on you can tell she enjoys teaching and takes her job seriously. “She is a fun and interactive teacher that makes it easy for us to understand and grasp the information that is being taught,” said Alexis Ramos, a student of Ms. Infante’s World History class. 

Ms. Infante graduated from Los Fresnos High School and went on to receive her Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts/Social Studies Composite from The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Before coming to Pleasanton, she was a teacher at Harlingen High School for 1 year and then taught at Bruni High School for 2 years.

When asked what her favorite part about being a teacher is, Ms. Infante responded, “I love interacting with my students and I love teaching them new things.” Although there are a lot of good and fun things about being a teacher, there are also a lot of difficulties teachers go through and one in particular this year is Covid-19.

When asked what the hardest part about teaching is, Ms. Infante responded, “All the changes this year because of Covid-19 have made it more difficult, but with the help of other teachers I wasn’t as nervous my first two weeks.” This school year has been difficult for everyone in some way, but that hasn’t stopped Ms. Infante and other teachers from trying their hardest to make sure we are safe and learning new concepts, principles, and skills.

Ms. Infante has done an amazing job this year and her positivity and encouragement that has brightened many people’s days has not gone unnoticed. Thank you Ms. Infante for being a hardworking and inspiring teacher and for everything you do in and out of the classroom.

Staff Spotlight

By: Adelena Vera

Mrs. Leach is a hard working counselor here at PHS. She helps students, with last names beginning in G through M with their grades, credits, colleges, career choices, and/or personal matters, and she loves it.   

Mrs. Leach went to school in Crosbyton, Texas, a tiny town near Lubbock, to get her high school degree. She got her bachelor’s degree at Texas Tech University and got her masters degree at Sul Ross State University. Before she started working here at Pleasanton, she stated,¨Frenship ISD which is a district near Lubbock in West Texas,¨ where she ¨taught career & technology courses, worked as a district textbook and testing coordinator, and was a middle school counselor for five years.¨

Mrs. Leach has been working at Pleasanton for 5 years. She started ¨teaching Culinary Arts before moving to the counseling office.¨ Since her freshman year of high school, Mrs. Leach has wanted to be a high school counselor. She stated ¨My aunt was my high school counselor, and I saw the various ways she was able to help and impact students at our school. I love working as a counselor with the students and staff here at PHS.¨

Mrs. Leach has helped so many students here at PHS and we’d like to thank her for all the hard work, dedication, and help she has provided the students and staff. We hope to have you here at PHS for many more years!

Canned Food Drive

By: Adriana Clark

NHS, Student Council, FFA, and HOSA hosted the annual food drive to gather and donate canned foods that would given to families over the Thanksgiving break. The donation drive was held November 12th through the 20th and the students at PHS were asked to donate as many canned food items as possible. When they brought in the canned foods, they were able to pick which administrator they wanted to see dress up as Big E, their choices were between Mrs. Minnear, Mr. Macias, or Mrs. Guajardo. In the end, the students chose Mr. Macias to spend the Friday before Thanksgiving break dressed as Big E. Thank you to all the students who donated. 

Student Spotlight

By: Adriana Clark

Senior Caitlyn Nieschiwtz pictured at the beach.

Caitlyn Nieschiwtz is a senior here at PHS. She is a genuinely nice person who can make anyone smile just by talking to them; she’s just someone you can never get tired of being around. Caitlyn Nieschiwtz is 17 years old and when asked where she plans to go for college and what she plans to major in she said “I plan to go to Texas A&M and major in Ag Business.” Caitlyn has been a runner on our cross country and track team since her freshman year and has even been on the varsity team all four years. This is where she has not only gone to Regionals, but State, too. For this year’s cross country season Caitlyn had another opportunity to go to Regionals where she placed 12th. When Caitlyn was asked what she hopes for this year’s track season, she said “My goal for this year’s track season is that I will be able to break the school record in the 800 and mile, and make it to State.” Caitlyn also hopes to run track while attending Texas A&M.

Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Arnold

By: Gabby Palacios

Ms. Arnold, an Art 1 and the Graphic Design teacher posing for a photo


Mrs. Arnold is an alumna teaching Art I and Graphic Design here at her alma mater, PHS. Though things have changed tremendously since she graduated with the class of 1995, she still admires PHS, its traditions, and what we stand for as a community.

The Art and Graphic Design teacher attended the University of Texas at Austin, fulfilling her desire to attend the same college as her aunt, who she deeply admired. She explained, “One of the main people that influenced me growing up was my aunt… so I just knew that’s where I wanted to go.”

It was at UT that she studied to become an Art teacher. “All throughout school I really liked art and creating, that’s just what I enjoyed, [and] what I was successful at …” she explained. Mrs. Arnold wishes to have as lasting of an impression on her students as her teachers once did on her. She continued, “ I just knew that I wanted to [make it fun and interesting] for other students who maybe didn’t really know what they were into but could come to art and create things and enjoy it… Even if they’re not going to be an artist, it still helps them in other areas of their life and gives them an outlet.”

Mrs. Arnold began teaching at Stinson Middle School in San Antonio in 2000 and would go on to spend the next 8 years teaching there, until she decided to move to Poteet Middle School in 2008, spending 4 years in the neighboring town. After a job opening became available at PHS, Mrs. Arnold moved back to the old classrooms she once sat in as a student and found her place as the outgoing Art and Graphic Design (Yearbook) teacher we all know and love her to be.

Though she wasn’t able to get her career started here at our campus, she had always known she eventually wanted to be a PHS Art teacher. She explains, “[I didn’t start working here initially]  because there were no job openings… It was my ultimate goal but there were no art positions available…” Still, Mrs. Arnold appreciated her time at Stinson because it gave her a sense of home and reminded her of PHS, which she deeply enjoyed. “I always felt like Stinson reminded me of here which is why I was glad that was my first job… It just felt the same like where you have teachers that work really well together, everybody liked going to work, and we all liked working together…” she added.

Her experiences at PISD have shaped her into the proud eagle alumna she is today. Reminiscing on Mrs. Kotzur, a former art teacher of PJH and PHS who retired last school year, Mrs. Arnold expressed her gratitude for the encouragement and good memories her teachers gave her, explaining, “I always enjoyed art but… I think it also had a lot to do with the teachers… they just always made it fun and interesting. I wanted to do the same.”

Though many may not have gotten the opportunity to know her as a person, Ms. Arnold has proven to be one of the most genuine, light-hearted, and spirited people to ever walk the halls of PHS. On behalf of the rest of PHS, thank you, Mrs. Arnold, for being a constant supporter of our school and always being positive. In the words of Mrs. Arnold herself, “Eagles all the way. Go big green!”


Staff Spotlight

By: Eileen Jaksik

The CTE/CCMR Coordinator, Mrs. Shearrer

Mrs. Shearrer, a name you may or may not know, is the CTE/CCMR coordinator here at PHS. She has worked a total of 14 years for PISD, and she plans to work even more. Mrs. Shearrer has not only been a CTE/CCMR coordinator at PHS, but also, as she states, “I taught Agricultural Science from 2002-2005 and Principles of Information Technology for the 18-19 school year.” She has worked all around campus, I taught Agricultural Science for 15 years at 3 different high schools including Pleasanton High School. I taught 8th Grade Science at Pleasanton Junior High as well as serving as an Assistant Principal for Pleasanton Junior High. I also served 2 years as PISD District Testing Coordinator and then took some time off from working for the School District before coming back 2 years ago to teach Principles of Information Technology at PHS.”

When asked about her education, Mrs. Shearrer shared, Typically a CTE/CCMR Coordinator will be a CTE teacher who has managerial abilities in addition to the years of CTE classroom experience. The minimum would be 4-5 years for a Bachelor’s Degree. Most will need 2 more years for a Master’s degree and 5-10 years of CTE classroom teacher experience.” She also said that she attended Texas A&M College Station and Texas A&M Kingsville to get her Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, and a Teacher Certification for any class in the CTE field.

Mrs. Shearrer’s job is a very big responsibility. She explains, “As a CTE/CCMR Coordinator I provide support to all of our CTE teachers and students. That support includes researching and providing curriculum, managing the budgets for the CTE programs, and completing all of the required paperwork from Federal and State Agencies. I serve as a resource for whatever the CTE programs need to help students be successful. As CCMR Coordinator, I manage all of the components, provide resources, and track progress of students becoming either college ready, earning and industry based certification, or deciding to enlist in the military.”

Thank you Mrs. Shearrer for everything you do for our amazing campus!

Time To Face The Music

By: Kristina Mertz

Last Saturday, the Pleasanton Mighty Eagle Band traveled to Judson ISD, located in San Antonio, where they competed in their UIL contest. There, they played and performed their 2020 show “Music of The Beatles”. After a tough performance, they received a Division 1 rating, which is the highest rating to receive, from all the judges, meaning they will be advancing to Area, which they haven’t achieved since 2016. Drum Major Shyanne Tijerina says, “I think they worked really hard this whole season and I think they did good, but I think they could’ve done way better with what they learned and had.” Her favorite part of going to UIL was, “Probably just hanging out with my friends, making them laugh and them making me laugh.” She said that [the band] need to improve on, “Marching… horn angles, and making sure everyone is in step and things like that. Shyanne added, “I love the band and I’m happy to be their drum major.”

This year’s Area competition will be held at Calallen, Corpus Christi on December 5th. The band will be working extremely hard to do their very best. Wish them luck!

The Pleasanton Mighty Eagle Band getting prepared to perform.

Grand Prairie Shootout

By: River Reyes

JROTC Eagle Battalion Drill team after the meet

On Saturday, October 31st and Saturday, November 7th, the Pleasanton High school JROTC Eagle Battalion participated in the “Grand Prairie Shootout” virtual drill meet. Participating were the Pink Eagles female color guard, Co Ed male and female color guard, and the Armed drill team.  

Both the female and male color guards showed up to the PAC parking lot on October 31st to perform for the color guard phase of the drill meet. Both color guards had a strong performance, representing the Eagle Battalion well.

On Saturday, November 7th, the armed drill team gathered at the PAC parking lot to perform for the drill phase of the virtual drill meet. The armed drill team had a strong performance, maintaining excellent discipline and formation, with few hiccups to count. When asked about their performance, the armed drill team commander Cadet Captain Jared Griego stated, “I feel confident in our performance, all of our cadets performed to the best of their abilities.” As for some of the newer cadets, Cadet Cearley stated, “I feel like we had a good performance, it was exciting competing for drill for the first time.”

With astounding performances, our color guards and drill team kicked off the year strong with a whole season to look forward to, honing their skills for the climax of the season with 5th brigade.

Education Foundation Follow-Up

By: Adelena Vera

The Pleasanton Education Foundation hosted a fundraiser last month. The Education Foundation supports students through scholarship opportunities, encourages and supports the future of education, providing funds to improve innovative practices around the school district.

During this fundraiser, about 150 students participated and helped raise about $600. On the Saturday of the fundraiser, the community also helped out and donated $1510, making a total of $2120, just sort of meeting the goal of $3,000.

Thank you to everyone who donated to the fundraiser and helped raise the money! And a very special thank you to the Education Foundation for all you do to support our staff and students. 

College Fair

By: Dillon Myers

Held from November 2nd to 6th, the College Fair was a virtual opportunity where students could visit around 300 colleges and universities.

Through the College Fair, colleges were able to submit videos, slideshows, and more explaining about various topics ranging from admissions, campus life to sports and more.

English and Journalism teacher Ms. Schmidt, said, “It is a good idea to attend a college fair in order to collect information such as areas of study, tuition and cost of living, and campus life about potential colleges one might attend in order to narrow down choices when deciding between where to attend.”

The online College Fair was free and attendees needed only to register and sign up. It was easy to access, easy to sign up, and most of all, it was easy to navigate. Once registered, students will have access to information about each and every college on the College Fair. This lasts all the way through December.

Student Spotlight

By: Eileen Jaksik 

Foreign exchange student Paul Vallez.

Paul Vallez is a foreign exchange student at Pleasanton High School. He has come to Pleasanton, Texas all the way from Centre-Val de Loire (Center West France). Paul is a 17 year-old junior here at PHS. When asked why he chose to come to America, Paul stated, “[I came]To improve my English and spend one year in high school, because in France i’m grade [school] so I have to choose something to do and I don’t know.”

Paul wants to participate in extracurricular’s at school. He explains, “I want to do sports. I do baseball, but it’s in the day and it’s in December. I think it starts after spring.” In France, students don’t get to experience sports, so he wants to see what it’s like to play sports in America. He hopes to make the team and meet new people while doing so. 

Coming to a new school was very hard for Paul. he said “… it was hard coming to a new school… I knew the other foreign exchange students but it was still hard.” Over time Paul met new people and started making new friends. 

In France they do not partake in very many of our traditions, Paul said “We don’t do the homecoming.. Uh, the burning of the P, we don’t have this.” They do have some similarities though- they celebrate Christmas and Halloween like we do in America. Although Paul has never gotten to go trick-or-treating in America, he said “I’m very excited to do Halloween here.” 

Paul is very thrilled to be attending Pleasanton High School, and cannot wait to learn and try new things. We hope you enjoy living here in the states, and have fun learning new things the American way!