Student spotlight

Student spotlight 

By: Leighlah Silva 

Welcome back PHS, another month has passed which means another article! This month’s student spotlight goes to the amazing freshman Claire Keylich. Claire is involved in many extracurricular activities including student council, volleyball, and soccer. “I’ve been doing volleyball since 7th grade and have been in club volleyball for 3 years. I made varsity volleyball this year and it was definitely a big jump from 8th grade to varsity, a whole new level but I was able to adjust and improve to have a successful season. Lastly, I’ve been playing soccer since I was 5 and I’m now a freshman on varsity. Varsity soccer is a lot harder than I thought it would be, but I’ve gotten better at adjusting to the speed and rhythm of the game which has made me improve a lot”. As you can tell Claire is a highly gifted student-athlete, making varsity in two sports as a freshman is very outstanding! 

Claire has accomplished so much and will continue throughout her years at PHS. “My mom helps me the most when I need help or encouragement whether it’s sports, school, or advice. She is always giving me positive feedback and is always encouraging me at my sport events or my school events, however my sister inspires me the most. I always look up to her and she is the person who is always there for me. She is the first person I go to whenever something happens or whenever I need her the most”. Claire is a great role model and always will be! The Quill staff hope you enjoy the rest of Claire’s highschool years, and we hope everything continues to go well for her. We are honored to have this opportunity to write an article about this outstanding freshman. Pride pride.

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