Horoscopes – Jan/Feb

By: May Smith

Aries – Burnout is real, and you can’t remedy it on the fly, Aries. This week it’s important that you create space in your life for self-care. I’m not talking about pedicures and sheet masks, as fun as those things are. What you need is time and space for your body and your emotions to catch up. This may feel like sitting around and doing nothing, which can be really frustrating for you. But, too much time and energy spent on doing can actually block getting things done in the long run.


Taurus – As you change, all that you encounter is likely to feel a little bit different. This can be off putting or confusing at times, but the key is to stay emotionally connected to your values and intentions. The truth is that sometimes discomfort or unease is the assignment of the moment. You may be doing everything right, but if you don’t investigate, it’s hard to gain clarity. Make room for the vulnerability and emotional awkwardness that comes with change, Taurus.


Gemini – This week, it’s important that you learn from past experiences. You may be feeling restless or uncomfortable with the way things are, but if you allow yourself to act or react from that place, without taking the time to notice the patterns that are at play, you’re likely to miss some important information. Don’t forget to be curious about the themes at play in your life so that you can both better understand them, but also remember to make choices that reflect what you’re excited about.


Cancer – People talk about letting go all the time, but what does it mean really? The practice of letting go is not one of pulling your heart and love back and being less invested in your motivations and what you’re doing. It is instead about releasing your attachment to how you believe things should go and what timeline things have to happen on. It’s also about releasing your requirement for proof or evidence in order to have faith in the process. So when you hear that it’s time to let go, now you know the assignment.


Leo – You have so much to be grateful for, and the more that you align with that, the better you’re going to be able to leverage the opportunities in front of you, Leo. This week may find you making major moves in your relationships and personal life. The key is to not confuse attention with love or affirmation. You are in the right space to make healthy compromises that help to improve the state of love in your life.


Virgo – You’re wrestling with some really major stuff, Virgo, and it’s likely to trigger some big emotions and even bigger ideas. Do your best to find ways of slowing down and getting into your body so that you can figure out what you’re really feeling and what you need. If you stay too in your head about things, you run the risk of letting your ego take over. While your ego isn’t inherently bad, it’s not the most reliable internal resource for making wise decisions. Check in with your gut this week.


Libra – Take the time to reflect on how far you’ve come, Libra. You’ve been navigating some really important emotional changes, and if you don’t take stock of how far you’ve come, you may not incorporate that growth into your identity. Sometimes the most important work you can do on yourself and in your life is to take it all in and digest it. Seeking equilibrium will help you a great deal this week.


Scorpio – This week, it’s important that you put yourself out there and make some big moves. That said, if you don’t approach matters in a collaborative way, you’re likely to feel overloaded, which will backfire on you pretty quickly. Don’t allow fear or pride to motivate you, Scorpio. Now is the time for you to be the change that you want to see in your life, regardless of your current circumstances.


Sagittarius – It’s hard to have peace of mind when you’re in a state of restlessness. This week, you may be seeking certainty where it doesn’t exist or looking for affirmations before they’re ready. Find and cultivate a sense of equilibrium or balance within yourself, Sagittarius. Essentially, this means returning your energy to its centre and developing non-attachment to what happens, expected timelines, or how things will unfold.


Capricorn – If you can motivate yourself based on your passions instead of competition or scarcity-based thinking, you’ll not only be happier but you’ll also be more successful. This week, you may be feeling agitated or defensive, and if that’s the case, you need to get your energy back in line. You are perfectly capable of handling whatever is in front of you in a wise and sustainable way; all it will take is a shift in your perspective and a willingness to see things differently.


Aquarius – When frustrations are high, it is really easy to lose track of yourself. Do your best to get and stay grounded this week, especially when things are not going your way. How you respond to your circumstances is much more a reflection on you than on the people around you. In other words, don’t let your most unruly emotions define you, Aquarius. Learn to sit with and nurture your feelings when you need it most.


Pisces – If your friends can’t celebrate your wins with you, are they really your friends? This week, you may be questioning the welfare of some of your close relationships, and while that’s not fun, it’s important to do so. Acknowledging problems in your relationships isn’t a rejection of the people you’re connected to; it’s an investment. By identifying what is and isn’t working, you can invest in the people and situations that are uplifting you and work on or with the ones that aren’t.

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