Staff Spotlight

By: Layla Rodriguez

For this month’s amazing staff member at PHS we have selected our counselor Mrs.Read for our staff spotlight! Mrs.Read is one of our new councilors this year, she was formerly a counselor at our elementary. Mrs.Read first started out teaching reading interventions at the elementary and later realized her true passion. She says “I had groups of about 10 students every class period. They all wanted to tell me stories about their lives. Some stories were fun and enjoyable to hear about, others were sad and made me wonder if the student would be okay that day. As this happened day after day, I thought how wonderful it would be if this was my actual job and I could spend time helping students all day instead of listening for 5 minutes then cutting them off to work on reading.” As you can see she started out small and quickly noticed her love for helping others, and wanted to take it a step further and be able to be there for them full time. This was when she became a full-on counselor at the elementary school.

Along with Mrs.Read came her very fun, and outgoing personality, and her true passion for helping others in what she does. Here are some words from Mrs.Read: “The best part about my job is helping students in any way I can and getting to visit with them all the time. The students here at high school are fun, outgoing, kind, and want to do their best all the time. I really enjoy helping them all on their little journeys in life.” This really shows just how much she has a love and passion for taking care of her students. Mrs.Read is also a very positive role model and an all-around great person to be around! Here are some of her words of inspiration “Stay happy, healthy, and strong. The enemy will try to beat you down, so get up every day, set your mind straight, and say Jesus you got this!” Overall we are so very grateful that we have gained her as a new staff member at our campus, and that she will continue to bring smiles to our faces!


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