Monthly Cause: Military Family Appreciation Month

By: May Smith

National Military Family Month has a rich history dating back to 1996 when it was officially recognized by the Armed Services YMCA; a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving military families. It has since gained national recognition and has become an important occasion for honoring and supporting military families. Throughout the years, National Military Family Month has evolved into a nationwide effort to acknowledge the sacrifices and resilience of military families and to provide them with the appreciation and assistance they deserve.

Military Family Appreciation Month is a time set aside to honor the importance of military families. Military families know what it means to serve. Every day, you get up and support your service members standing by during long training and deployments. You know the risks, but you accept this life of service anyway. You are the backbone of our military. You are the quiet, but steady fuel at home that keeps the fire burning. You keep track of military pay, benefits, and news, because you know they make a day-to-day difference in your life. When your time as an actively serving family comes to an end, you support your veteran. Serving is just what you do.

Traditionally, the president signs a proclamation recognizing that service and declaring November as Military Family Month. Over the month, families just like yours are honored, and recognized for their commitment as well as contributions in support of our military and nation.

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