Teacher Spotlight

Teacher Spotlight

By: Alexandra Garcia

For April, we wanted to highlight the bright and kind-hearted teacher Mrs. Novosad. A teacher of 4 years here at PHS, Before becoming a wonderful teacher at Pleasanton she graduated from Cy-Fair High School and went to Texas A&M in College Station, where she received her teaching degree. 

Mrs. Novosad currently teaches seniors English IV and AP Literature and Composition, as well as having sophomore and junior English tutoring classes. Although those subjects can be difficult she continues to be a facilitator of learning, she tries to give opportunities to her students to discover literature and critical thinking skills on their own.  

She says she became inspired by “Working in Pleasanton ISD for 12 years as a substitute teacher back when there was an intermediate campus. I fell in love with the community, the students, and the support from parents.” Mrs. Novosad says her favorite part of teaching is seeing the creativity and different perspectives of her students. 

Being very dedicated to her teaching job these few years she continues working here and is motivated by the laughter and the feeling of being a part of a group here. She also states how much she loves how her coworkers keep her laughing and how they all push each other to be better teachers for the school and students. As we can all tell, she is a delightful teacher and co-worker.

Mrs. Novosad says “ I enjoy the inspiring conversations with my students. It is so cool to see the plans my students have for their future as they have their whole lives ahead of them. The best is yet to come!”

Some huge roles in teaching are maintaining your work-life and home-life balance, and understanding the students. Mrs. Novosad nails the job! She displays her support and encouragement with positivity to uplift her students motivation. Making her students feel as if they can accomplish anything and comfortable with trying. 

As for her home life, she says some hobbies of hers are spending time in the mountains hiking, and climbing. Also, she enjoys growing vegetables and gardening. 

Mrs. Novosad is a huge inspiration to many students and her wonderful co-workers. 

PHS is so thankful to have a wonderful teacher such as herself. 

We wish the absolute best for the extraordinary teacher Mrs. Novosad.

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