Prom: Senior POV

By: Libby Sanchez

From the very beginning of my junior year, it was apparent that Mrs. Breiten was on the verge of something amazing for what would soon be my senior prom. I witnessed firsthand as she bounced ideas off of her students, taking everything into consideration, and then slowly began putting things into place. She took time and preparation to make sure our senior prom was one to remember. The year-long preparation does not go unnoticed, and the Class of 2023’s last prom is forever memorable thanks to her. 

Taking place at the Botanical Gardens should have been the first hint that it would be beautiful. Flowers still in bloom during spring, there was no bad place to take a picture at this venue. Combine the floral scenery with the theme “Enchanted Forest,” and you’re getting one of the most memorable nights of your life. The weather made everyone skeptical, but thankfully it avoided our area entirely and we were even lucky to have an amazing sunset to begin our evening. With snacks and beverages available for everyone, I can’t remember a single unhappy person.

For seniors, prom is something we look forward to the most. We’ve looked forward to this moment since we grew up watching it happen in the movies. We went from 8th grade gala, to the real deal; s. So it’s something not taken lightly, some even going as far as taking the whole week before to prep. Grace Keylich got her hair colored for prom a week before the date. Slayde Huggins drove to Dallas to find her perfect dress. Jaelyn Morales panicked for weeks because she ordered online and wasn’t sure it would be in on time. Riley Clyatt wore the same exact dress her mother wore at her senior prom. Like I said, this event is not taken lightly and expectations are set high. This year’s prom overachieved those expectations by a long shot. With less than 40 days till graduation, us seniors are holding onto every moment before we go our separate ways from the people we’ve grown up with for almost our entire lives. A bittersweet night for many, but definitely one made memorable for the Class of 2023.


Most Athletic Boy : Jayce Krauskopf

Most Athletic Girl : Sadie McAda

Biggest Flirt Boy : Layne Dowdy

Biggest Flirt Girl : Brylee Miller

Most Musical Boy : Matthew Smith

Most Musical Girl : Michaela Anguiano

Class Clown Boy : Ayden Parker

Class Clown Girl : Trinity Garcia

Best Artist Boy : Toby Bird

Best Artist Girl : Angel Tucker

Best Case of Senioritis Boy : Giancarlo Garcia

Best Case of Senioritis Girl : Raylin Castillo

Best Bromance : Connor Lopez & Dylan Vaughn

Besties : Sadie McAda & Brooke Rankin

Couple That Never Was : Connor Lopez & Maria Huezo

Best Personality Boy : Timothy Klein

Best Personality Girl : Emery Gillespie

Most Spirited Boy : Tanner Hollis

Most Spirited Girl : Libby Sanchez

Most Dramatic Boy : Matthew Smith

Most Dramatic Girl : Riley Porter

Best Style Boy : Devon Clark

Best Style Girl : Yolanda Miranda

Best Hair Boy : Riley Mills

Best Hair Girl : Angel Tucker

Most Handsome : Riley Mills

Most Beautiful : Brooke Rankin

Best Physique Boy : Timothy Klein

Best Physique Girl : Angel Tucker

Most Transformed Boy : Bennack Conroy

Most Transformed Girl : Jazmin Bernal

Prettiest Eyes Boy : Cian Martinez

Prettiest Eyes Girl : Victoria Urbanczyk

Best Smile Boy : RJ Marquez

Best Smile Girls : Illeana Ochoa

Cutest Couple : Donovan Alaniz & Desiree Duran

Kindest Boy : Sergio Banda

Kindest Girl : Emma Poorboy

Mr. PHS : Timothy Klein

Ms. PHS : Victoria Urbanczyk

King & Queen : Donavan Alaniz & Desiree Duran

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