Prepare the Sendoff!

By: Farah Standley

The Pleasanton Baseball Team has been doing exceptionally well! With an overall record of 19 wins, 5 losses, and 2 ties, as well as a 9-0 record in District, the boys are really showing what they can do on the field. This team has been working very hard to get better and further in the playoffs than they ever have before. They have 3 games left until Playoffs, and you can bet they are getting more and more pumped with every game that goes by. 

Tanner Hollis, a 4 year letter and 3 year starter for our Eagles, generously shared his feelings about himself and the season. “My favorite thing about Pleasanton Baseball is the fanbase we have”, he noted, “Our fans make the atmosphere amazing, and that’s something I love to play in.” Tanner has been an amazing addition to the great group of athletes we have, and always gets everyone pumped up and ready to play. As an athlete, he has many personal goals, and according to him, one would be, “To be a role model for incoming players and young kids so that way they know what to do when they get here”. Having a lot of seniors on the team can be confusing, leadership wise, but he says it actually helps a lot because they all have relatively the same ideals. He feels great about the season so far, as they have never been undefeated in District, and they are well on their way to accomplishing that. Many people around school know that Tanner is taking his career to the next level and playing college baseball for McMurry University. “I’m looking forward to the atmosphere and competition that college baseball offers,” he said, “There is nothing like it.” Good luck, baseball!

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