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One Week –

Pure energy fuses the soul

Flying high screaming through the skies

Landing belly up in a pool of uncertain hope

Red hot plans wavering in one moment of doubt

Through a rollercoaster of poised confusion

One mercurial dreamy day

Lost the next in dark unknowledge

Beaming lights of fragile desire

The universe reflects its awesome power

I am miniscule, I have no chance

I dance the dance and smash remnants of the past

In a celebration of nothing stays the same

All of this in seven fine days


By: Jan Ejsymontt – Croatia


There are many things that make us feel small, but we have many people that can help us feel better when we are stressed, having a bad day, or just feeling burnt out due to school. It doesn’t help that most students miss school due to sports or UIL, and have to make up double the work when they come back. 




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