The Poll Feburary/March 2023

By: Brian Avery


We had two questions for you guys this month! The first one was about your Valentine’s Day activities, the one that seemed to be most popular was taking care of themselves. After that, we asked about your spring break plans, and it was quite an even split, with vacationing barely squeezed out on top. Now, for your questions!

What is the best thing to do when starting your summer?

What are some good ways to keep us motivated until summer? 🙂

How do you cope with a long distance relationship????

How do I become less controlling over things in my life?

What is the best thing to do to reduce stress

If friends are acting more distant than they used to, should i just let them go instead of trying so hard to keep them?

How would you know if you’re doing the wrong thing?

How to manage time at home and work

How can you have friends for so long that did nothing but be there for you and almost completely ignore them or turn them away for a whole “man”. Why does this happen? Is it worth it?

Why is working after school so stressful.

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