Saving the Season

 By: Brian Avery


The last two months have been full of action for the Men’s Soccer Team, with two games almost every week. The Varsity team has played in two tournaments, and 12 since we left off in the last article, and the JV has played in 5 games since then. 

We pick up in the first tournament Varsity played in, which was at Ingleside. The Varsity won their first two games of the tournament, but lost the third game, which placed them in a game battling for third, which they won, securing a trophy. After that, on 11/10, both teams played Memorial High School, and unfortunately, the JV lost 1-3 and Varsity tied 3-3. Shortly after, the Varsity participated in their home tournament, but were unable to secure a top 3 ranking, as they won their first game but lost the other two. From there, the JV and Varsity went on to play Foxtech, where JV won 1-0 and Varsity tied 1-1. After that game, both teams played Eagle Pass, where JV (Missing), while Varsity lost 1-3. Next, both teams played JFK, JV winning 3-1 and Varsity tied 2-2. Next, both teams played Gonzales, with JV (missing) and Varsity won 2-1. Next, both teams played Hondo, where both teams lost 0-1. Then the Varsity played Persall in Persall’s first ever high school soccer game and the Eagles won 9-0. Both teams played Uvalde, where JV 1-0 and Varsity 2-0. Varsity lost to Floresville 0-1, won against Somerset 2-0, beat Poteet 8-0, and tied Hondo 2-2. 

The program held their Senior Night, honoring the Seniors of the program, which includes Stefon Torres, Morgan Garcia, Adriano Guitierrez, Sergio Banda, Brian Avery, Toby Bird, Timothy Klein, Donovan Alaniz and Alex Cabrerra. The Varsity team played Persall that night, winning 8-0. 

We got in contact with JV captain Louis Manzanares and Varsity captain Timothy Klein. When asked about the team’s improvements, both captains said that their respective teams were improving on communication and passing, but they still struggle with communicating. As Tim said “We struggle with communication and talking in certain games, and just showing up ready to play as well.” Tim went on to say that they struggled to clean up the little things, from passing in practice to showing up, ready to play and focused in, with Louis saying similar things. When asked what was going better than expected, Louis said communication once again, “The attitude has changed a lot, which improves the ease of communication and teamwork between them.” Tim mentioned that he was impressed with some individuals’ drive and work ethic, and how they’ve become better because of it.

Good luck to both teams!!

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