Run Fast Turn Left

By: Jayden Palacios

State season is underway. The Eagles started this new track season at Holy Cross High School where the Eagles dominated in every event. In the field, the Eagles had six first place medalists (Kiley Wiechring, Layla Rodriguez, Megan Mayse, Ciarah Garcia, Preston Pilgrim, Evan Guardiola). In the track aspect, the men’s track team had no first place medalist, but would rack up points through relays winning the 4×1 and 4×4. The men’s team has some strong headed athletes like Daniel Coronado, who believes “No matter what, never back down from a challenge…You can achieve anything you put your mind to” Athletes like Daniel set the standard for this team. The women’s team would blow the other teams out racing up a total of 317 points total winning the overall meet. The women’s team had 5 first place finishes (Svetlana Martinez, Alexandria Balderas, Shalyn Gutierrez, Syrena Clark, Megan Mayse), the women’s team would also sweep the relays winning the 4×1 4×2 and 4×4. Coach Leal has helped turn the women’s team around with her first year coaching at PHS “A (coach) should be supportive and understanding, students have a lot going on in their lives, and especially in high school we need to be able to motivate students, not all of us have it on the inside so we have to provide it a bit.”

The Eagles would travel to St. Mary’s Hall to compete against twenty two teams in a relay only meet. The men’s team would start off strong winning the 4×1, and finishing second in the 4×4, they would place in several other events, but wouldn’t medal. The women’s team would have five medalists, three through field and two through relays. (Kiley Wiechring, Ciarah Garcia, Layla Rodriguez, 4×2 team, and 4×4 team) 

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