Atascosa County Livestock Show

By: Kassidy Vickers

Pleasanton FFA Agricultural Mechanics sweepstakes winners

Back in January, Atascosa County held a livestock show in which many Pleasanton FFA members participated in. Everyone worked really hard to get to where they were with their SAE projects and their progress showed. With hard work and a little friendly competition, this year’s show was very successful and overall great.

First off is Agriculture Mechanics. In this event, people build or make their own project. Pleasanton overall where the sweepstakes winner and got 1st in ag mechanics. Some participants were Evelynn Caraway, Micheial Castio,Mathew Gudea, Mallory Fey, Tanner Hollis, Brady Stevens, Wyatt Tom, and Kassidy Vickers. Wyatt Tom on top of that also earned Grand Champion for showmanship. 

Moving on to the Livestock show which had many participants. In the swine classes, there was lots of success. In senior showmanship, Jayce Krauskopf got Grand Champion and Kinsley Barker received Reserved Champion for showmanship. Kinsley also earned Champion in the senior light cross class. In the steer classes, Jayce Krauskopf also won sr. cattle showmanship as well as Champion Brahman Steer. Grayson Chessher was also Reserve Champion for Sr. British Steer class. For Turkey Hen, Ally Sherley received Reserved Champion Turkey. 


Class 3 Other Cross: Kinsley Barker- 8th, Brooke Rankin- 4th and 3rd, 

Class 2 Hampshire: Kinsley Barker- 4th, Corgin King- 5th, Luke Smith- 10th

Class 1 Light Cross: Kinsley Barker- Champion, Jayce Krauskopf- 4th, 

Class 3 Duroc: Kinsley Barker- 7th, Jaxson Bryan- 2nd, Corgin King- 5th

Class 2 Duroc: Jaxon Bryan- 9th, Brayden Ratliff- 14th

Class 1 Duroc: Jayce Krauskopf- 3rd, Brennan Lopez- 13th

Class 1 Hampshire: Kaydin Olle- 2nd

Class 2 Light Cross: Corgin King- 3rd, Jayce Krauskopf- 1st

Class 1 Other Cross: Jayce Krauskopf- 3rd

Class 2 Yorkshire: Brennan Lopez- 1st

Class 1 Light OPB: Connor Lopez- 4th

Class 2 Dark OPB: Connor Lopez- 4th, McAda Rutherford- 5th

Class 1 Yorkshire: Bryndan Olle- 2nd

Class 3 Hampshire: Sadie Schimelpfening- 5th


Class 2 Market Goats: Caylee Durbin- 7th


Broilers: Lillian Krause- 11th


Turkey Hen: Ally Sherley- Reserve Champion

Turkey Tom: Ally Sherley- 4th


Class 2 Charolais: Jayce Krauskopf- 3rd

Class 2 Brahman: Jayce Krauskopf- Champion Brahman Steer

Class 1 Brahman: Brooke Rankin- 3rd

Class 4 ABC: Sadie Schimelpfening- 6th

Class 5 ABC: Sadie Schimelpfening- 2nd

Class 1 British: Grayson Chessher- Reserve Champion

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