Thanksgiving Story: The First Feast

By: Noah Ramos 

There is a short tale that everyone in town knows about that is told to all the children when Autumn comes around and that tale is called “The 4 Seasons War.” It is said that among this world were 4 special people who manifested as seasons such as Winter, Fall, Summer, and Spring. Each held an artifact of immense power, but the problem wasn’t the artifacts themselves, but those who wielded them. Each season wanted to rule supreme over the others and so the 4 seasons waged war on the others. What they didn’t realize was while the battles raged those who weren’t the seasons had to deal with weather that spelled dire consequences. Blizzards froze villages, droughts ravaged crops, relentless rain caused floods, and all around there was almost no safe place. Only when the seasons finally took a look at what had been happening below did they see what destruction they had done to others. So, after finally coming to an agreement, the seasons decided to hide the artifacts in order to not repeat the same mistake. Among these was a golden cornucopia that had the power to make an everlasting feast which could keep a whole continent fed. 

 I, Leah Warren, have vowed to find the golden cornucopia to save my village from starvation after many of the crops had died from an unknown source. Of course, I have been told I’m crazy for believing a children’s tale, but stories always have some truth to them otherwise who would make such tales? I decided, the sooner I set out, the better. While everyone was busy talking about what they would do for the food shortage, I snuck into the woods beside our village. The forest, where I believed the artifact to be, was very dangerous. Not only because of the animals who lived there, but people talked about the abnormal weather in that forest like it was an unknown force trying to get them out. Yet, the surrounding woods beyond that portion of the forest were normal. So, I decided to start by searching the area where the abnormal weather happened. When I started walking through the forest, nothing seemed to happen besides hearing the leaves crunching beneath my feet. But suddenly, a chilling wind swept through, out of nowhere. Even with my jacket, it felt like ice. I kept moving forward with every step bringing me deeper into the forest, as the wind became stronger and stronger. It felt as if I would be blown out before I found anything, but as I looked ahead, a cave came into view. I decided that would be the best place to start looking since everywhere else was just trees and leaves. When I stepped in, the cave was dark. Luckily, I had brought a lantern in case I had to search in the dark. The cave was bigger in the inside than I had seen from outside which only intrigued me further. 

As I moved deeper in the cave, I noticed there were signs of something living there such as discarded food that had long rotted away. What was worse? The stench. I pushed on until I saw some sunlight peering in from a crack in the ceiling. Beneath the light sat a long table with food displayed as well as the golden cornucopia. This felt relatively easy, but if it was here the whole time, how come no one else found it? As I started reaching for it, a voice behind startled me and caused the cornucopia to drop. I turned to be met with a man in a coat made of leaves as well as a staff with an amber-like gem. I asked who he was, and he responded with his name being “Fall”, and that I shouldn’t be messing with his stuff. He appeared to be one of the seasons from the tale, but even in awe, I felt anger. I asked why he hadn’t used the golden cornucopia for the starving village just outside the forest, and he responded by saying “they didn’t deserve it”.

“If you won’t help my town, then I will”, I exclaimed. I quickly reached down and scurried towards the entrance with the golden cornucopia in my arms. The funny thing is, while I was running out, instead of chasing after me, he only yelled I would regret taking the artifact and I would be back soon. I wish I had listened for what came next…

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