True Crime vol. XXVIII: Springfield Three

By: Courtney Henson

Sherrill Levitt was born on November 1, 1944, she later had a daughter, Suzanne Streeter on March 9, 1973. Soon after, Stacy McCall was born on April 23, 1974 who would grow up to be Suzannes best friend. Suzanne and Stacy graduated from Kickapoo High School on June 6, 1992 and attended graduation parties that whole weekend. The two girls returned to Streeter, and Levitt’s, home at about 2am on June 7.

The pair had made plans to spend the day at a water park with their friend Janelle Kirby, and her boyfriend. When they failed to show up at Janelle’s house, it was discovered that the front door of the home was unlocked and none of the girls were to be found. Despite this, the girls’ cars, clothing, jewelry, and purses remained at the home. Janelle also reported that the glass lamp shade on the porch light was shattered. Once they entered the home, Janelle and her boyfriend found Streeter and Levitt’s dog, who was very agitated. While inside the home, Janelle received two calls of a sexual nature from an unidentified male before leaving the home. After several hours, McCalls mother visited the home after many failed attempts to reach Stacy after noticing that all of the belongings had been left behind, seemingly not in a hurry, McCall called and reported the three women, Sherrill, Suzanne, and Stacy, missing. After placing the call, McCall listened to the home phone’s answering machine where she heard a “strange message” that was later accidentally deleted. The message is not believed to be connected to the calls Janelle received. When police arrived on the scene, there were no signs of a struggle and there was no available evidence to be gathered. The girls had seemingly disappeared into thin air. 

After no progress was made on the case for many months, on December 31, 1992, an anonymous caller called the Americas Most Wanted hotline with information about the woman’s disappearance but the call was soon disconnected. Police urged the caller to contact them again, but he never did. Although their cases are still officially filed as missing, Levitt and Streeter were declared legally dead in 1997. This same year, 1997, Robert Craig Cox, a convicted kidnapper and robber, and suspect in many murders, told journalist that he knew the women had been murdered and buried and that their bodies would never be recovered. In 1992, Robert had been living in Springfield but at the time told investigators that he was with his girlfriend and she corroborated. She later recanted this statement and says that Robert paid her to say that. Police were unsure if Robert was actually involved in the case or just wanted attention. Robert stated he would disclose what happened to the women after his mom died. In 2007, investigators received a tip that the three bodies were buried in the foundations of the south parking garage at Cox Hospital. After using a GPR (ground penetrating radar), authorities found three objects “roughly the same size” as the women and in a “grave site location.” The garage began construction in September 1993. Police told the public that because there was no logical reasoning or evidence behind the tip and because it would be very expensive to dig up the area, they would not be further investigating the area. 

As of 2022, the disappearance of Suzanne Streeter, Stacy McCall, and Sherrill Levitt, is unsolved. Despite over 5,000 tips about the women’s case, no advancements have been made in any of the three cases. In June of 1997, a bench was dedicated to the three women inside the Victim’s Memorial Garden in Sprigfield’s Phelps Grove Park.

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