By: Kristina Mertz and April Martinez

The PHS Tennis team has been doing outstanding as they have placed SOMETHING.

Coach Everett says, “The season is going really well. We have participated in some good tournaments and have done well.” Coach Everett later said that,“Practice has been a little interesting. Organizing drills and playing games are what I enjoy but my athletes are not used to that yet. Getting them motivated is something I strive to do.” 

Of the tennis teammates Farah also speaks on the PHS tennis team saying, “practice is going pretty good we’re getting a lot better we’re improving it … sometimes it can get a little chaotic but it’s good we’re trying to get more organized and we are definitely getting a lot better.” Farah also lets us in on how the season is going, “It’s going pretty good, we’re just trying to move up and get a platform, it’s been pretty uphill but we’ve had some wins and losses.” Farah’s favorite part about tennis is, “Just playing around and getting better everyday because tennis is a sport that’s all about playing time and if you’re out there everyday and you’re giving it your all you’ll see improvements every single day.”She also noted that,”I’ve improved a lot.

The PHS Tennis team has done exceptionally well but Coach Everett wanted to add, “Most of my players have done well this season and all deserve recognition. However, Devon Clark has done exceptionally well in boy’s singles, even winning consolation at a big 6A tournament.” For those who don’t know Coach Everett, “I play tennis competitively myself. For me, I love to grow the game and get as many people playing as possible. Tennis is a sport that you can play for a lifetime. It seems not very many understand that.

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