Movie Review: Encanto

By: Farah Standley

I decided to sit down and give the highly talked about Disney’s “Encanto” a watch. It was very interesting with many colorful scenes and catchy music. The story follows a young Mirabel as she tries to answer all of her and her family’s many questions. See, her family was blessed with a miracle in which everyone in her family would get a gift, or power. Mirabel did not get a gift. This left her, her family, and the whole town confused and disappointed. The sad part was, she was the only one. Everyone before and after her in the family got a wonderful gift. Then, she figures out about an uncle that is blamed for many problems in the family. His name was Bruno and the family does not prefer to talk about him. After that, the miracle house starts to crumble, and Mirabel decides it is her destiny to find Bruno, return him to the family, and save the house. Mirabel works very hard to reach her goals. All-in-all, this movie is a very interesting, funny, colorful, and overall beautiful production with a fun storyline and cute capybaras. This movie was nominated for 17 different awards! This includes many Annie Awards, Golden Globe Awards, a Satellite Award, a Critics’ Choice Movie Award, a BAFTA Award, a Producers Guild of America Award, an NAACP Image Award, and an ADG in Excellence in Production Design Award. I would say this movie is definitely worth the time to watch.


91% on Rotten Tomatoes

7.3/10 on IMDb

4/5 on Entertainment  Weekly

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