BPA: Business Professionals of America

By: Autumn Webster

PHS BPA organization at regional competition

The BPA, or Business Professionals of America, is an organization made to be an innovator in Career and Technical Education, providing their members with opportunities for growth through education, competition, community service and personal development.

Mrs. Olivarri is the sponsor of Pleasanton High School’s BPA, and last weekend they hosted a business competition in Medina Valley.

The Qualifying Individuals are listed as follows:
Thang Nguyen – 1st Place – Digital Media Production
Courtney Henson – 1st Place –  Administrative Support Research Project
Alexis Ramos – 1st Place – Payroll Accounting
Lilee Ramirez – 1st Place – Health Leadership Topics
Delanie De La Fuente – 1st Place – Prepared Speech

Elynore Hernandez – 2nd Place – Digital Media Production
Connor George – 2nd Place – Device Configuration And Troubleshooting
Jazmin Bernal – 2nd Place – Health Administrative Procedures

Qualifying In Team Events Includes:
Kenneth Alergria, Michaela Anguiano – 1st Place – Broadcast News Production Team
Brandi Barnett, Adyson Brymer, Ashlyn Vera – 2nd Place – Presentation Management Team
Shayane Cazier, Gage Pawelek – 2nd Place – Podcast Production Team
Madeline Brymer, Sadie Hartmann, Paige Read – 2nd Place – Small Business Management Team

Students Who Placed As State Alternatives Are Listed As Follows:
Alexandria Balderas – 3rd Place – Extemporaneous Speech
Jaelyn Morales – 5th Place – Intermediate Word Processing
Alejandra Martinez – 5th Place – Banking And Financing
Preston Pilgrim –  6th Place – Banking And Finance

Open Events – Non-Advancing:
Neil Patel – 2nd Place – Computer Program Concepts – 3rd Place – Medical Terminology Concepts – 4th Place – Information Technology Concepts
Alexandria Balderas – 2nd Place – Medical Terminology Concepts – 3rd Place – Business Management Meeting Concepts
Giancarlo Garcia – 3rd Place – Computer Program Concepts – 4th Place – Administrative Support Concepts
Connor George – 6th Place – Information Technology Concepts
Jaelyn Morales – 3rd Place – Digital Communications And Design Concepts  

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