Student Spotlight: Michaela Anguiano

By: Courtney Henson

Michaela Anguiano is a charismatic, genuine, and passionate student of Pleasanton High School. With a heart for everyone, and a talent for everything, Michaela is one of the best students to walk the halls of PHS. As only a junior, Michaelas heavy involvement is very impressive. Michaela is the current head drum major of the Mighty Eagle Band, a position of great importance and lots of work. Michaels feels this position has taught her about “leadership”, “patience” and “confidence” and is extremely rewarding. Michaela plays actively in the school’s concert band and jazz band, going as far as to participate in the Region Band and the Region Jazz Band, “they are each passions that I care deeply for.” 

Aside from band, Michaela is very involved in the high school AV class. Writing, editing, recording, and interacting with the student body in creation of the Big E News. Michaela says, “I absolutely love AV,” and appreciates the opportunities it has provided her. Just this year, Michaela decided to broaden her horizons and join the BPA (Business Professionals of America) club. She is participating in a Broadcast News Production project with two of her other friends and is excited for the opportunities BPA has in hand for her. All of these clubs are very dear to michaela who expressed that they, “all have their perks that personally make me happy in some way!”

As a junior, Michaela has been on campus for nearly 3 years and although Covid has significantly impacted her time at PHS, Michaela finds a silver lining in her community. The time spent in Covid and the time as we recover has allowed Michaela to reflect on her time at PHS and the person she has become. As such a welcoming person, Michaela finds it easy to connect with students, “I love meeting new people and school always gives me that opportunity.” Aside from the student connections, Michaela’s bond with her teachers is unlike that of anyone else. With great excitement, Michaela expresses that, “my favorite teacher is Mrs. Olivarri!” Having known Mrs. Olivarri for about 2 years at this point, Michaela’s attitude towards her is very positive. “She is truly a motivating, caring, and lovely person to be around!” She is kind, authentic, and careful to make sure everyone around her is in a good mood, much like Michaela.  

 As she continues through her junior year and into her senior year, Michaelas involvement with the school will only prove to be extremely rewarding, and in the end, very fun. Michaela said that she has “had so much fun in my 3 years of being a PHS student” and that she is “looking forward to being a senior… seniority has its perks and I know they’re waiting for me next year.” Good luck as you continue forward Michaela, you amount to great things! Pride, Pride!

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