Teacher Spotlight: Coach Bird

By: Myame Lara

Coach Bird, otherwise known as Mr. Bird is currently teaching his 19th year here at PHS. Here on campus, he is known for teaching AP English 3, on level English 3, and Leadworthy, while also coaching Girls Varsity Soccer, and the JV volleyball team. Previous to teaching at PHS, he taught at the Pleasanton Elementary as a PE teacher for 7 years, but then moved campuses’ to, “do something a little more challenging.” With his father being a journalist, English has always come easy to him, which is why he chose to teach and focus on ELA subjects. 

Coach Bird attended Hardin Simmons University in Albany to get his undergraduate degree, he quotes, “I went there because my older brother was attending there and I was given the chance to play soccer there.” As well as Hardin Simmons University, he also attended the University of Texas of the Permian Basin to achieve his first masters degree, he attended this university because they offered an online program in sports psychology and states, “That’s what I was interested in at the time.” Coach Bird later went on to pursue his second masters degree at the University of Texas at Tyler, this degree is in counseling and was completed online also. 

When Coach Bird isn’t teaching or coaching, he has some favorite activities to do in his free time! Some of these activities include watching sports on TV, sleeping, and spending time with his wife! Coach Bird plays a big role here at PHS and never fails to lighten up someone’s day. Thank you for all you do Coach Bird!

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