Staff Spotlight: Maria

By: Noah Ramos and Wanish 

For Staff Spotlight we got the chance to interview a very kind custodian by the name of Maria. When asked why she wanted to apply as a custodian here Maria said she had heard many great things about PHS and the other staff were all super nice to one another. Maria is originally from Chicago and misses it sometimes but prefers the hot weather here in Texas over the cold weather in Chicago. When asked about her favorite experience here at PHS Maria responded that when she isn’t here on some days the staff tell her that they missed her. 

When she cleans sometimes students will come up to her and thank Maria for keeping everything clean which always brightens up her day. Before becoming a custodian Maria worked as a Bilingual customer service rep, she worked with a lot of people by either phone or face to face. Maria claims she has always loved to help whether it’s by cleaning or anything else and she is also a CNA as well. Maria is a big people person and loves to be around others.

 If  Maria could give one message to PHS, it would be: “Never stop believing in yourself. Sometimes there are opportunities life gives you and you are scared of that opportunity and; you feel you won’t be good enough, but don’t doubt yourself because you are good enough.” PHS is truly lucky to have a one of a kind custodian, we wish you a great year here Maria!

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