JROTC: October 2021

By: Brian Avery

In the month of October, the JROTC had many events planned for the program in the month of October. The first of these occurred on the second of this month, and that was the JROTC Family BBQ. It was held at the Pleasanton Park on October 2nd. It was an amazing opportunity for the new cadets and their families to meet and have fellowship with great food.

The second to occur this month was the National Night Out on October 5th. In honor of law enforcement across the country, our Eagle Battalion presented the colors at the park in honor of the Pleasanton Fire Department and Police force.

The next event that the Eagle Battalion attended was the Karen Wagner “Thunderbird Classic” Drill meet. The Academic, Unarmed, Armed, P.T., and the Male and Female color guard teams traveled to Wagner, and the Academic team finished in 4th, the highest that day. On the 16th of October, the Battalion attended the Second NISD Raider meet. The team that travelled consisted of Simon Karsky, Aries Yule, Annie Arize, Jealousy Loida, Jaiden And Valdemar Herra, Braxton Springer, Lorenzo Saminego, Hailey Yoho, Abigail Hotskin, and Alinea Neftkin.

They also held their annual meat stick fundraiser where they sold meat sticks for only one dollar. The program was scheduled for the JFK “Rocket Skills” Drill Meet on the 23rd of October, but it was unfortunately cancelled.

The final event they will be attending this month is the Somerset “Remember the Vet” Drill Meet, which will be held on the 30th of this month, and will be covered in our next article. Colonel Wynder commented on the JROTC’s performance this month, stating, “It was a busy month, but there was ample opportunity to shine light on our high school, and to glorify it.” Battalion Commander, Simon Karsky, also had praise for the Battalion, saying that they “performed beyond his expectations, putting in more work and effort then was expected, and more hours then required.” Good luck Eagle Battalion!

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