Cross Country

By: Wanish Tortes-Mcginnis

JV girls at the Devine meet.

This year cross country was a lot less hectic than last year’s season. This year we didn’t have to wear masks and the coaches didn’t have to cancel and reschedule meets because of COVID. Overall the first 5 meets we have been great, coach says we all are getting better and better each meet. On August 18th, the cross country team had their first meet in Devine. For the varsity boys Albert Vielma came in 6th followed by Zeke Garcia in 11th, Ian Rodriguez in 16th, Jayden Ogg in 19th, Joseph Cuellar in 21st, Wanish Tortes-Mcginnis in 23rd and Gilbert Martinez in 29th. The varsity girls placed 1st overall starting with Kendall Espay in 3rd, Kara Hinojosa in 7th, Kassidy Vickers in 8th Kara Medina in 10th. Lillian Krause finished 14th place followed by Jillian Barcomb in 17th, Farah Standley in 21st, Teliyah Wynder in 23rd, Mary Martinez in 28th and Itzel Perez in 43rd.

The next meet was held in Medina Valley; the varsity boys placed 14th, with Albert Vielma in 43rd place, Gilbert Martinez in 64th, Ian Rodriguez was 67th, and Zeke Garcia came in 67th. Joseph Cuellar placed 74th followed by Jayden Ogg in 79th. The varsity girls did well; Kassidy Vickers came in 8th, Kara Hinohjsa in 9th, Kendall Espey in 3rd, and Kara Medina in 11th. Continuing on, Jillian Barcomb in 29 place, Teliyah Wynder in 30th, Farah Standley in 34th, Mary Martinez in 40th, Lillian Krause in 45th and Itzel Perez in 94th. Once again, the ladies came in 1st place. Well done, ladies! 

The Eagles competed in FEAST at Selma Athletic Fields. For the varsity boys Ian Rodriguez placed 120th followed by Gilbert Martinez in 125th place, Joseph Cuellar in 138th place. Jayden Ogg in 147th place and Wanish Tortes-McGinnis in 150th place. The varsity girls placed 5th overall. Kassidy Vickers placed 24th, Kara Hinojosa placed 28th, Kendall Espey placed 38th and right behind her was Kara Medina in 39th .Jillian Barcomb placed 69th, Mary Martinez in 73rd, Lillian Krause in 75th, Teliyah Wynder in 84th. Farah Standley placed 92nd and Itzel Perez placed 152nd. 

For their 4th meet the eagles ran at Bandera. For the varsity boys, Albert Vielma ran in 43rd place and Zeke Garcia in 53rd place. Just behind Zeke was Gilbert Martinez in 54th place, Joseph Cuellar 61st place, Jayden Ogg in 69th place and Ian Rodriguez 72nd place. The varsity girls placed 4th out of 10 teams overall. Kassidy Vickers placed 6th, Kendall Espey in 16th place Kara Medina placed 19th. Kara Hinojosa finished 25th, Mary Martinez in 33rd place, Lillian Krause placed 45th, Farah Standley placed 52nd. Aryanna Partida placed 64th, Teliyah Wynder placed 75th in and Itzel Perez placed 83rd. 

The Eagles Boys and Girls Varsity ran in Davenport at the new school near New Braunfels. Starting off with the varsity boys, Albert Vielma placed 28th, Gilbert Martinez in 35th, Ian Rodriguez in 43rd, Joseph Cuellar in 44th, Jayden Ogg in 48th, and Wanish Tortes-McGinnis in 50th. The varsity girls finished 1st overall at Davenport. Kassidy Vickers placed 5th, Kendall Espey in 7th place, Kara Hinojosa 9th place. Kara Medina placed, Mary Martinez in 17th place, Farah Standley 25th,

Teliyah Wynder in 30th, Aryanna Partida in 37th, Lillian Krause in 42nd, and Itzel Perez

in 60th place.

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