The Final Poll of the Month… Until Next Year That Is…

What Are You Going to Do After High School?

By: Dillon Myers

There are many options as to what to do and be after high school. Leaving high school is the start of a new chapter, full of new beginnings and new friends. New beginnings usually involve new activities and/or jobs, such as working at Whataburger, joining the Air Force, or going to Baylor University. Of course, you can always just be a bum on the streets or in your parents’ basement, though we don’t recommend it. (Anyway) Here in journalism, we got curious as to what you were planning on doing after you leave PHS… The results are shown below.

Good choices!

My dear readers, dear Journalism class, and dear… anyone else who happens to be reading this, God bless you and have a great rest of your life.

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