Paraprofessional of the Year: Mrs. Salinas

By: Kristina Mertz

If you’ve ever had a fever, stomachache, or were in desperate need of some allergy medicine, Mrs. Annette Salinas, also known as the school nurse, has definitely made your day better. She is known throughout the school as a kind caregiver, who will never hesitate to help a student.

When interviewed by senior, Dillon Meyers, she said, ““To begin with, I’m a school Nurse Aide. My training has been through ESC-Region 20. Training such as emergency first aid, CPR, seizure, diabetes, etc. Through the years, PISD District Nurses have delegated and trained me for other skills as well. — As I like to say, ‘I’m the mom that does first aid at school!’ — I started as the back up to the Nurse Aide when we had the Intermediate Campus (I was a library aide at the time) many years ago, when she left I stepped into the position for a few years and then transferred to PHS about 9 years ago.” 

As PHS’s school nurse she has many duties and responsibilities. “I also keep track of student immunizations, vision and hearing screenings, administer medications at school too.” When asked if she always wanted to be a nurse aid, she responded with, “Administering first aid has always come natural to me. I grew up on a dairy farm and learned at an early age to care for animal wounds. I’m not squeamish to wounds and blood and can stay calm in stressful situations. When I was married and had kids – two boys, one girl – I had plenty of first aid practice on them!” — “Also when I was [a] kid, my sister, brother and I helped care for our grandparents when they became bedridden at home.”

She later added, “I’ve been at PISD 20 years as a paraprofessional of some sort, over half that time in the Nurse’s Office. If I didn’t love my job, I wouldn’t be here.” Her favorite part about the job is, “Knowing I helped a student’s day go a little bit better!” And her least favorite part is, “Not being [able] to be in two places at once.”

“When someone takes care of others it’s rewarding, no matter if it’s a little bit or a lot” she stated. Mrs. Salinas is a prominent educator, who will always be valued highly in the halls of PHS for years to come. Thank you Mrs. Salinas!

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