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By: Wanish Tortes-McGinnis

State bound track and field boys

On Wednesday March 24th, the Pleasanton Track team went to their second meet in Devine. The JV Team overall made 154 points coming in 2nd place and varsity made 199 points placing them in 2nd. The JV Boys made 157 points and placed 2nd, while the varsity boys made 222 points and placed 1st.

The Varsity girls, in the 3200m run, Fe Vielma placed 1st, and in the 400m relay the team of Emree Adamitz, Kiley Wiechring, Brandi Barnett, and Angel Tucker placed 2nd. In the 800m run Caitlyn Nieschwitz placed 1st, Kennedy Guajardo placed 2nd, and Kara Hinojosa placed 4th. Emalee David placed 1st in the 100m hurdles, and in the 100m dash, Itzel Perez placed 1st, Marissa Rothenbach placed 3rd, and Ariel Mejia placed 5th. 

Placing 2nd in the 800m relay were Brandi Barnett, Kiley Wiechring,Victoria Castillo, and Angel Tucker. Kennedy Guajardo placed 1st in the 400m dash, with Ciarha Garcia placing 4th. Jillian Barcomb placed 6th in the 300m hurdles, and in the 200m dash, Angel Tucker placed 3rd. 

In the 1600m run, Caitlyn Nieschwitz placed 2nd, and Lindsey Klein placed 3rd, with Mary Martinez placing 4th. Raegan Hollis, Ciarah Garcia, Brandi Barnet, and Kennedy Guajardo placed 2nd in the 1600m relay. 

The team did just as well in field events, in the High Jump, Victoria Castillo placed 1st, Kiley Wiechring placed 2nd, and Kara Hinojosa placed 3rd. Kara Hinojosa placed first in the pole vault, with Mary Martinez coming in 2nd. In the long jump, Victoria Castillo placed 1st, with Ciarah Garcia placing 2nd, and Kara Hinojosa placing 3rd. The triple jump was executed well, with Ciarah Garcia placing 1st, and Jillian Barcomb placing 2nd. The shot put Sofia Aguilar in 3rd, and in the discus, Sofia Aguilar placed 5th.

The Varsity boys in the 100m dash had Ashon Thompson place 1st, with Phillip Sosa placing 4th, and Seth Harrison in 9th.  Ashon Thompson also placed 1st in the 200m dash. Rudy Franco placed 5th, and Adriano Ayala placed 8th. Following these two events, in the 400m dash, Jayden Palacios placed 1st, Aaron Alvarado placed 4th, and Ryan Moore placed 5th. Jayden Palacios ran the 800m, placing 1st, with Averee Cantu placing 2nd. The last two track events were the 1600m, with Israel Garcia coming in 5th, and Xavier Rodriguez placing 7th. The last part of the event was the 3200m run. Xavier Rodroguez placed 5th, and Jayden Ogg in 6th place. 

Next, in the 110m hurdles, was Justin Veale placing 3rd, with Reagan Moore placing 6th. The 300m hurdles was Justin Veale placing 1st, and Regan Moore in 2nd place. In the 4 x 100m relay, Estevan Jackson, Juan Lopez, Sean Ramos, and Rudy Franco, placed 2nd. Also participating in the 200m relay Ashon Thompson, Sean Ramos, Juan Lopez, Estevan Jackson placed 1st. Running the 4 x 400 were Jayden Palacios, Estevan Jackson, Juan Lopez, and Sean Ramos, and they came in first! 

The field events were held, starting with the Long jump. 1st place went to Sean Ramos. 

2nd place to Estevan Johnson, and 3rd place went to Juan Lopez. The shotput went to Alexis Yanez in 1st place. Peyton Eichman placed 3rd in the discus. The triple jump saw Sean Ramos taking 1st, Estevan Jackson placed 2nd, and Juan Lopez placing 3rd. In the high jump, Adrian

Gacia placed 2nd, and Reagan Moore, 5th. Finally, in the pole vault, Preston Pilgrim placed 2nd, Adriano Ayala placed 4th, and Seth Harrison placed 6th. Overall, the athletes did very well in representing the school. 

On March 30th, the pleasanton track team had the district meet in Cuero. Overall the Varsity Girls made 4th place. For the 3200m run Kassidy Vickers came in 2nd following Fe Vielma in 7th. Emree Adamitz, Kiley Wiechring, Brandi Barnett, and Marrisa Rothenbach came in 4th place for the 400m relay race. Caitlyn Nieschwitz came in 2nd place for the 800m run. For the 100m Hurdles Emalee David placed 5th and JIllian Barcomb 7th. Kinsley Barker, Kiley Wiechring, Victoria Castillo, and Angel Tucker placed 2nd in the 800m relay. In the 400m dash Kenndey Guajardo placed 5th. Jillian Barcomb placed 2nd in the 300m hurdles. Angel Tucker placed 6th in the 200m dash. In the 1600m run Caitlyn Nieschwitz placed 2nd following Kassidy Vickers in 3rd and Lindsey Klein in 4th. In the 1600m relay Emree Adamitz, Ciarah Garcia, Brandi Barnett, and Kennedy Guajardo placed 5th. In field events Victoria Castillo placed 2nd in high jump. In pole vault Kara Hinojosa placed 7th place and Mary Martinez in 8th. In long jump Victoria Castillo placed 6th. In Triple jump Ciarah Garcia placed 4th. 

The varsity boys placed 3rd overall at district. Ashon Thompson placed 1st for both the 100m dash and the 200m dash. Jayden Palacios placed 1st in the 400m dash. In the 800m run Jayden Palacios placed 1st, Reagan Moore placed 3rd, and Averee Cantu placed 4th. Xavier Rodriguez placed 9th in the 1600m run following Jayden Ogg in 10th and Israel Garcia in 11th. In the 3200m run Xavier Rodriguez placed 5th and Jayden Ogg in 7th. Justin Veale placed 3rd in the 110m hurdles.In the 300m hurdles Justin Veale placed 4th following Reagan Moore who placed 5th. Christopher Zapata, Estevan Jackson, Juan Lopez, and Sean Ramos placed 2nd in the 4x100m relay. Ashon Thompson, Sean Ramos, Juan Lopez, Estevan Jackson came in 1st for the 4x200m relay. In the 4×400 Jayden Palacios, Estevan Jackson, Juan Lopez, and Sean Ramos came in 1st place.

For long jump Sean Ramos came in 2nd followed by Estevan Jackson in 3rd and Juan Lopez in 4th. In shot put Alexis Yanez placed 10th and in discuss Peyton Eichman placed 6th. In triple jump Estevan Jackson Placed 3rd along with Juan Lopez in 4th and Sean Ramos in 7th. Adrian Garcia placed 9th in high jump followed by brothers Reagan Moore in 10th and Ryan Moore in 11th place. Last but not least we have pole vaulters with Preston PIlgrim in 1st, Adriano Ayala in 4th and Seth Harrison in 9th. 

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