By: Eileen Jaksik

The Pleasanton Eagle Softball Team standing for the National Anthem.

The Pleasanton Eagle Softball Team is coming towards the end of their season, they have won and lost many games. Lady Eagles still have three more games until they advance to the playoffs. 

Starting off, on March 23, The Lady Eagles played Devine High School and sadly came out short with a loss of 17-2 March 30, The Lady Eagles traveled to Somerset but came out with a loss of 17-2. On April 1, the start of a new month the Pleasanton Softball team played against Hondo at the Hondo High School, sadly they fell short once more with a score of 12-0, on April 9, the lady Eagles came out with a big win against Brooks Academy with a score of 17-0. April 13, the softball team played Devine again and fell with a score of 19-0, then they played Holy cross and lost with a score 9-2. April 20, the Lady Eagles played against Somerset High School, and lost with a score 12-1, and April 23, the Eagles Softball team played Hondo High School, they sadly fell short and lost by 12-1. The Lady Eagles have one last game that will determine if they proceed through playoffs or if their season is coming to an end. 

Coach Savage is very proud of all that the girls have accomplished and wishes to give them this short piece of advice, “If there is any advice I can give my girls for the future it would be: Not everything is gonna be fair, things will not be handed to you, you have to do the extra to reap the reward. Believe in yourself because there is always gonna be someone who wants to see you fail. Believe!” Coach Savage is overall proud of how the girls performed this season among-st the circumstances of the games.  

This year is some of our girls last year, one of the players has some encouraging words for our leaving seniors. She says, “I love each senior we have. They’ve all helped me become a better player in one way or another. The only thing i’d say to them is that I hope they continue to love the game even after their season is over. I’m very grateful to have gotten to play with them, and I hope they all do amazing things once they get their lives started.” Everyone is very sad the seniors are leaving, but are happy that they are going to go off and start new things. 

The Lady Eagles are going to play amazing at the playoff game whether they win or lose they are going to end the season off great and accomplished. Pride! Pride!

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