Student Spotlight: April Findley

By: Adelena Vera

April Findley

April Findley is a senior here at PHS. She lived in Houston and went to some elementary schools there, then she moved to Pleasanton and has been going to school here since the 3rd grade. April works two jobs, The Plestex Theater and Sonic Drive-Thru, all while balancing her school work along with extracurricular activities. She is involved in NHS, she is the President of Student Council, and is the class officer for the class of 2021. She has been in the NHS for 2 years along with Student council and Class Officer for 4 years. When asked about what they are, she said, “really all three of them are about helping the student body. Student council is the one I’m most active in and for me it’s all about letting people have their voices be heard and making changes in the school for the better.” April stated, “My favorite class is probably calculus, even though it’s really challenging.” She is going to Texas A&M-College Station to study Mathematics. April was asked if there was anything she would change about her high school experience and she said,  “I think I would change the way I approached high school, and I would try and enjoy my time a little more rather than only focusing on grades and obsessing over getting that extra point.” 

April is a very hard working student here at PHS and has a big future ahead of her. Good luck and have fun in college! 

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