So You Think You Can Dance: Tryout Edition

By: Gabby Palacios

PHS Pacesetter sponsors, Mrs. De Waal and Ms. Mendoza Del Bosque, held tryouts for the pacesetter team on the week of Monday, February 22- Saturday, February 27. A total of 33 members make up the 2021-2022 team.

During the week of tryouts, the girls prepared a routine that involved specific kicks and dance techniques, and a combination to advance across the floor. Before tryouts, they were expected to have their right split, right stationary leap, and a right pirouette. For tryouts, the girls performed their right and left techniques and the combination they were taught. 

The techniques expected of the girls have made a strong team of award-winning talent, clearly shown by their performances in school events and competitions. On Saturday, March 27, the team took part in the CrowdPleasers Competition in Retire Hays in Buda, Texas, where they received superior ratings in all of their ensemble, duets, and trio performances. Selena and Mily received a superior rating for their duet Gravity, Selena and Autumn for their duet Lovely, Kaitlyn and Larissa for their duet Beautiful Thing, medium jazz ensemble and Ritmo Trio. They received first place overall and scored best in class awards for the team Pom and Officer Modern dance.

Although she is excited about new beginnings, Mrs. DeWaal is also sad to see her seniors go. 

To the 2020-2021 Pacesetter Seniors:

“Each year it gets harder and harder to see seniors leave.  We build relationships that grow each year in a different way depending on their maturity, events in their lives, or leadership roles.  

Sophie is a first-year pacesetter that brings light to the team with her spunk and humble attitude.  She is a quick learner and blends well with the team.  I wish she would have tried out sooner, but so happy she did it for at least one year.  

Alexandra is my Lieutenant Colonel on the team and a 3rd-year dancer. Each year her confidence grows more and more, and I have definitely seen her bloom into a beautiful dancer.  The amazing quality that I will miss about her, is her way to turn hurdles into opportunities.  Opportunities to grow, learn and teach.  Alex is a great motivator for the team and for me.  I will miss her daily De Waal interruptions, just so she could say, ” I love you”.

Milagros is Major for the Pacesetter team and a 3rd-year dancer.  I have known Mily since she was a freshman and enjoyed her bright personality in the classroom as well as with the team.  She is the most talented dancer with the humblest demeanor. She has more love and gratitude in her little finger than most people display in their lifetime. I will miss her radiant smile and goofy ways. 

Jewels will probably be the hardest hit to my heart from this year’s senior group.  Jewels and I started at the same time and she is one of my original dancers once I became director of the pacesetters. We have grown together each year learning new ways to improve this team.  She is truly a talented dancer that will sacrifice herself for other’s success. Jewels has taught me patience, professionalism, and reflection through conversations and events.  Like I said, each year in a different way my relationship grows with the pacesetters, Jewels has seen and been involved in every way.”

– Mrs. DeWaal

Congratulations to the 2021-2022 Pacesetter team, and good luck to all of the seniors in the years to come! Pride Pride!

The 2021-2022 Team: Rosemary Garcia, Kaitlyn Allen, Alexandra Garcia, Madison Peters, Xitlalli Hernandez, Sydney Sorola, Cristina Ramos, Sergio Gonzalez, Kasey Patel, Alexis Robles, Illeana Ochoa, Natalia Cano, Anisa Murillo, Jamine Carlos, Marisol Villarreal, Brianna Arevalo, Larissa Villarreal, Miranda Caballero, Beatriz Castor, Jecenia Guzman, Krista Gutierrez, Kendra Valle, Eboni Rivera, Yasmeen Diop, Autumn Tortes-McGinnis, Selena Cerda, Dolores Guel, Heather Akers, Saidee Almendarez, Aryanna Partida, Lorenza Gonzales, Bianca Perez, Belle Martel

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