Bring It On: Tryout Edition

By: Gabby Palacios

Rising senior Linda Sanchez performing her jump of choice (a left hurdler) during mock tryouts.

After a long week of tough practices, PHS cheer sponsors, Mrs. Rutherford and Mrs. Lopez held tryouts for the 2021-2022 team, with 14 girls making Varsity, and 11 girls making Junior Varisty. 

Throughout the week, the candidates were taught and prepared a cheer and dance routine that they performed with their tryout groups. As they entered their tryouts, each girl performed an entrance routine displaying their spirit and tumbling skills and then demonstrated their techniques for a toe touch jump and a jump of their choice. To finish off their tryouts, each group performed the PHS Fight Song, Jalisco, pom routine.

There were a total of 25 girls to try out for the team and 2 members that sought positions as mascots, and every candidate received a position. With that being said, the 2021-2022 PHS cheer team is larger than it has been in years. Although a 14-member varsity squad is average, the junior varsity team will be made up of 11 girls, almost double the number of the current members.

Rising senior Linda Sanchez explains, “This was a good tryout to end off on. The amount of growth everyone showed from the beginning of the week to the last day of tryouts was amazing. I’m proud of the group I get to end my last season on. It’s a big team so hopefully, we can use that to our advantage. ” Though she is sad to be coming up on her last season, Linda is excited for the new team to get together.

PHS is very excited to see what the new team has planned for next year. Good job and congratulations to all new members. Pride Pride!

Junior Varsity: Abigail Hotchkin, Abigail Sosa, Alejandra Martinez, Aubrey Cantu, Emily Morales, Joyce Reyna, Madalyn Allen, Malerie Martinez, Mercedes Phillips, Pearl Sosa, Valeria Morales

Varsity: Brooke Rankin, Desiree Duran, Eileen Jaksik, Emree Adamitz, Linda Sanchez, Makayla Lico, McAda Rutherford, Megan Mayse, Melanie Douglas, Noelani Guerrero, Paige David, Raylin Castillo, Riley Porter, Sirrah Maxwell


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