Kickin’ It Into First Gear

By: Hayden Schmidt

The Pleasanton Women’s Soccer team is ready to take the season by storm

As the school year draws into the last few months, PHS has a wave of sports starting up to finish out the year. After a full semester of preparing, the Pleasanton Women’s Soccer season has begun with a kick.

The Women’s Soccer team started their season with a 2-1 win in a scrimmage against Harlandale on December 11th. A few days later, the girls scrimmaged Veterans Memorial on December 15th. They lost this scrimmage 0-2, but despite this, the team was pumped and ready for a great season. They took Christmas Break off but started again with a game against Wimberley on January 2nd. The team took a 2-0 loss, but the girls were determined not to let this set the team back. They went into the first week of school with a 3-day tournament from January 7th to the 9th. Starting off with a rocky start, the girls lost to Canyon Lake on January 7th 2-0, but came back later that day with a major 6-0 win against Great Heart Northern Oaks. The next day, the team played another two teams, falling to Beeville 2-0 and Alamo Heights 5-0. Though taking a hit, the girls came back strong on January 9th with back to back wins against Wimberley and Beeville. With the tournament behind them, the team took some time to look back and analyze the season so far. When asked about his outlook on the season so far, Coach Bird said, “We’ve had our ups and downs. We struggled against some teams we don’t normally struggle with, but we had a great game against Wimberley at the tournament and came back from behind against Beeville. It’s been kind of a roller coaster, but we’re seeing improvement, so it’s really encouraging.” After taking some time to collect themselves, the team went right back to pushing with a game against Boerne on January 12th. The girls played their hardest but fell short to Boerne 5-1. Collecting their losses, they practiced hard through the week to a tie game 0-0 against Veterans Memorial on January 15th. The team took this opportunity to keep their spirits up for their game against Calallen. Though they played their hardest, they were unable to beat the still-undefeated team, losing the game 3-0.

Though the season has had its ups and downs so far, the girls are still confident in their abilities to push through to district. “In the beginning, we were struggling, and right now we’re still trying to find our rhythm between each other, find combinations, but it’s coming along with each practice and game,” said senior Kaitlyn Garcia. 

The team is scheduled to play Fredericksburg on January 26th, with only one more game after that until district begins against Fox Tech on January 30th. We wish the girls good luck against Fredericksburg and on the rest of the season!

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