Hirschi Huskies Virtual PT Meet Follow-Up

By: Victoria Chavez and River Reyes

In December 2020, the Eagle Battalion competed in the Hirschi Huskies Virtual PT Meet. In total we had 44 males enter the competition and 12 females, combined that equaled 14 teams. Although each cadet did an outstanding job, some of our cadets had an amazing outcome. The following placed:

Male Results

5 cadets finished in the top 10 out of 44 cadets

10- Steven Escalante (from Poteet High School) 

9- Logan Alexander 

6- Mitchell Alexander 

5- Edward Uhl 

2- Aries Uhl

Team Results– Aries Uhl, Braxton Springer, Wilbanks, and Zachary Salmeron: 2nd place overall 

Female Results:

2 Cadets finished in the top 3 out of 12 Cadets

3- Ashley Mahavier

1- Guadalupe Quintana

Team Results– Guadalupe Quintana, Ashley Mahavier, Alania Nethken, and Alyssa Castelar: 1st place overall.

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