A Great Day For BPA

By: Courtney Henson

The Pleasanton BPA team prepares to participate in the 2020-2021 regional competition. (Mask off for picture only)

On January 23, the Pleasanton Business Professionals of America (BPA) took part in the 2020-2021 regional competition. Although the competition was held virtually, it did not pose an obstacle to the club members. Any projects or presentations had to be pre- recorded and submitted by Monday January 18. The competing members of the club including, Senior Alizay Haren, Juniors Brandi Barnett, Ashlyn Vera, Adyson Brymer, Lauren Trapp, and Connor George, Sophomores Alexis Ramos, Jazmin Bernal, Courtney Henson, and Ricardo Ramirez, Thang Nguyen and Freshmen Alexandria Balderes, Preston Pilgrim, and Marisol Villarreal, had to show up at the school dressed in business professional attire.

After many hours of presentations and testing, grading and judging began as contestants headed home. On Sunday 24 results were announced and Pleasanton did amazing. The results are as follows: Getting 1st place in the Presentation Management Team was Brandi Barnett, Adyson Brymer, Lauren Trapp, Ashlyn Vera. The Video Production Team consisting of Conner George, Thang Nguyen, Ricardo Ramirez received 1st place. Alizay Haren competed in Health Leadership Topics and got 1st place. Receiving 2nd place in Banking and Finance was Preston Pilgrim. 2nd place competing in Prepared Speech was Alexis Ramos. Jazmin Bernal got 3rd place in Health Administration Procedures. Receiving 4th place in Basic Office Systems and Procedures was Marisol Villarreal. Alexandria Banderas as a state alternate in Extemporaneous Speech and Courtney Henson as a state alternate in Fundamentals of Word Processing.

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