Freshman Advice

By: Hayli Woodson

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Inspirational quote for freshman.

High school is a great place to embark on a new journey, and this school is a great location to start planning, or even start, your trip through young adulthood. Everything from here on out is going to be a challenge, but don’t shy away from it. Embrace the troubles and responsibilities of being a teenager and use them to make your future years at PHS great. There are going to be plenty of good times and some bad, but no matter the current circumstances, you will look back on your years here and smile. Just remember that no matter how difficult your freshman year is, there are others that have survived past 9th grade. Here is some advice from the survivors, AKA your upperclassmen.

“Try to make new friends in higher grades so they can help you get used to the school better.” -Christian Salazar

“Enjoy your first year because it’ll be your last first year.” -Gabriella Chapa

“Enjoy your freshman year and make it last because you’ll miss it and 9th grade is the easiest it gets. Have fun.” -Robert Medrano

“Don’t be scared of upperclassmen, but also respect them.” -Anonymous

“Don’t judge people and look on the inside, not the outside.” -Dwayn Wilbanks

“No matter how hard it gets, just keep going.” -Mrs. Harris

This is going to be a great year freshman, enjoy yourself. Although PHS has had some changes this year due to Covid- 19, it is still a great place and has a great staff here for you. PHS may not be what it’s like in movies,  but living out your teenage years is going to be a wild ride, so buckle up and enjoy your time here.

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