Teacher Spotlight

By: Courtney Henson

Mrs. Moos is a teacher here at the high school. She has been an important teacher on our campus for 4 years along with previously teaching 4th grade and 6th grade years ago. Mrs. Moos plays a huge part in the behind the scenes of Pleasanton High School. Some of her duties include supporting the teachers with technology and resources as well as ordering books and keeping up the library collection, assisting students with technology and their accounts, taking pictures, keeping up the website and PHS social media, making Golden Ps and keeping up the Positivity Challenge. Along with all of this work, Mrs. Moos plays an important role in the student council club by sponsoring the club and organizing events.

Mrs. Moos graduated from Pleasanton High School and received her Bachelor Of Science degree in Multidisciplinary Studies from Texas Tech University. She then went on to receive her Master’s in Library Science from Sam Houston University.

When asked what her favorite part about being a teacher is, Mrs. Moos stated, My very favorite part of being a teacher is building relationships with the students. I love getting to know each one. It’s also a lot of fun when I can help them.” While there are many great things about being a teacher, they also face many challenges. Mrs. Moos says, “Some of the challenges of being a teacher is getting some students excited about reading and learning.  It can be a challenge at times getting students to understand why we have some of the rules we have.” Along with these challenges, Mrs. Moos says that it’s also a challenge when she sees students struggling with things other than school that she can’t help with or fix. Recently our school has had to extend to online learning. When asked how she is helping to encourage online learning to the students, Mrs. Moos says, I have helped to make sure students who do not have a device to work on receive a Chromebook.  I make sure that they are able to access their accounts and often have to reset them so they can gain access.  I have had many questions about Google Classroom and have had to help teachers, parents, and students access their Google Classroom.

Mrs. Moos has thoroughly enjoyed her time here at PHS and can not wait to get back to school! Thank you, Mrs. Moos, for everything you do. Pride! Pride!

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